REVIEW: Invincible episode 6 and 7

If you have not been watching Amazon Prime’ s new animated series base on Robert Kirkman’s Invincible series by Image Comics you’re missing out on one of the best matured animated series out there on streaming services. I highly recommend readers to give this series on Amazon Prime a watch. MINOR SPOILERS


As I said from my latest podcast “The Social Romes Episode three. I loved the two recent episodes. I’m not a fan of Ezra Miller but he was a good voice cast for DR Sinclair since Ezra is a creep. For fans like myself of the comic book I was glad they intro Dr Sinclair, because he’s someone we will see pop again if theirs a season two. Episode seven revealed the US government has some use for him after his battle with Invincible. I thought Sandra Ho as Debbie Grayson was a huge highlight and how she is better portrayed in the show compared to the comic books.

How she was able to uncover Nolan’s secret and confront him about it from episode six and leading into seven was a big change from the comic books. I am happy we might see the conclusion of Mark and Ambers relationship has come to a conclusion but we will see what happens in season two after the fallout in episode eight.

The show has done another great job by making it clear to audience on what is going on with Robot and learning his true secret identity which will surprise audiences. Zachary Quinto as Robot was another great casting for the voice of Robot. In my opinion J.K Simions as Nolan Grayson/Omini-Man is fantastic because the way he’s able to change his voice from having good attentions to becoming sinister. Episode seven did a great job in building a big finale battle between two of our main characters in the animated series.

The action, the story telling, and having a 45 minute run time has help character build a lot of the characters in the Invincible series.


If you love the comic book series you will be mixed about a lot of the changes and the shuffling of the stories from comic book series on to the screen. The shoe still hasn’t present enough of the sense of humor from the comic books series on to screen which is the biggest complain fans will have from the series.

Episode 6

OVERALL 7.5/10

Episode six had a very good balance between Mark Grayson chaotic trip to visit college and Debra Grayson learning Nolan’s secret. The episode did feel a little rush as it could’ve been broken into two episodes

Episode 7

OVERALL 8.5/10

Episode seven was very action packed and did it’s job to build up the big finale in episode 8, but it did felt rush a little bit by presenting somethings for season two.


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