The Social Romes Episode 0ne

I’ve started my own YouTube Channel with one of my best friends and co host Digital. We will talk all things comic books, movies, TV, and a variety of other topics. We both love talking about these things and I figured we would make a good podcast out of it. This isn’t one of the many other podcast that has the template. Myself and Digital go with the flow and SPOIL stuff because we are fans, and we hope you enjoy what we talk about.

I’ll be podcasting or go live with Digital every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday evenings on YouTube. You can find my Channel at Romes 87 or type The Social Romes.

In this episode we talk a bit about the Mortal Kombat movie and our low expectations, Castlevania Season Four, Spawn, The Invincible, Sony’s deal with Disney and Netflix. Plus Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more.


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