REVIEW: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 6

The moment we’ve all been waiting to see from the first episode. We finall see Sam Wilson transition from The Falcon to becoming the new Captain America. This episode is title One World One, One People but this world needs this new Captain America more than they realized. This is one episode no Marvel or Marvel movie wants to miss. MINOR SPOILERS


From the moment of the opening of this episode of we get the final battle and non stop action between the Flag-Smashers who are led by Karli played by Erin Kellyman against Sam and Bucky. Karli who plays her final card in making their cause become real and inspire a new generation of Flag-Smashers.

I thought action in this episode was great. Sam as the next Captain America shows the difference between him in Steve Rogers With them fighting ability and how he uses the shield. I think this version of Sam’s new Captain America suit is a 1000 times better than how it looks from the comic books.

The speech Sam gives to the United Nations is the reason why Steve believed and wanted Sam to carry on the Captain America legacy. Think about this. Steve Rogers lived a full life when he return to the current time after he return all of the stones from End Game. Steve lived out every era and witnessed all of the highs and lows of or world. Which is why he knew Sam was the right choice to be Captain America for a new world that will need him to remind the world of what that shield and Captain America means to a lot of people.

Anthony Mackie is the new Captain America moving forward and Kevin Feige made a brilliant move in building up to it and made his moment of Captain America felt earned. I enjoyed some of the Bucky stuff and how he took Sam’s advice from episode four and confronting one of demons instead dodging it in other ways.

We definitely see Baron Zemo again in a small cameo who gets the last laugh in some form. We see John Walker who gets a bit redeem a bit, and we see his US Agent look.


I was very disappointed with the reveal of who the Power Broker is, which is sadley predictable.

OVERALL 9.5/10

As I said Kevin Feige did a brilliant job in making Sam Wilson become the new Captain America felt earned and built up for audience who was mixed about it will feel welcome to him as Captain America in the future MCU movies and series. This is not the last we’ve seen this series as we are teased for a season to with a new title.


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