REVIEW: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 5

Episode five is probably is the longest episode of the series so far, but with a lot of great moments from the episode it feels shorter than it actually is. As I said lots of great moments from this episode before the season finale next week. MINOR SPOILERS!


The fight scenes with Sam, Bucky and Fake Capt was fantastic by far. I love how the show presents the fighting style Sam uses with his wings. We see a lot of things Sam can do with those wings against John Walker. We see how each character fighting style is different from one another and can be superior in situations. The fight between the three is one of the best combat fights in the MCU. Audiences will not be disappointed with their battle as it lives up to the build up.

Wither audiences hate or like John Walker he has become another great villain in the MCU and from Marvel studios. I give Kevin Feige a lot of credit because he has done a great job building the villains up in the tv series. It looks like he has found a formula with the villains in the MCU since that was a weak point in a lot of the MCU movie series. Wyatt Russell has become one of the biggest stand outs from the series and I look forward to see what he does next in the season finale. Watch the mid-credit scene to know what his next move will be. Even though he is US Agent from the comic books I get the sense his character is a combination of US Agent, Anti-Cap and Nuke/ Frank Sampson from the comic books. Nuke was a supporting character in the first season of Marvel’s Netflix series Jessica Jones. He went by Will Sampson instead of Frank incase some one wonders.

My favorite scene was the scene with Sam Wilson and Isaiah Bradley played by Carl Lumbly who steals this episode for me. A lot the things he and Sam discuses about his past and his opinion of the shield. Isaiah and Sam both have different opinions on the world and the United States, but Carl Lumbly is in my top three of best characters in the series. A lot of what he says is true about today’s world in my opinion. I would love if Kevin Feige does a standalone series of Isaiah Bradley’s time as the unofficial Captain America/Super Solider in the 50’s.

This episode gave a lot of what everyone is up to after the battle for Steve’s shield. Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie are the Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh of the MCU even when they work on Sam’s boat I couldn’t stop thing of it as a Leather Weapon Easter egg. The episode is very chill and we get great training monologue scene with the shield. We do get a surprise character cameo that might tie-into Secret Invasion or Thunder Bolts series. I think fans will be very surprise.


A lot of the audiences like myself will not be happy with what happens to Baron Zemo. He is another surprising standout from the series. It is not the last we will see the fan favorite villain in the MCU.


The episode centered around Sam Wilson as it is suppose to be, and why it is important that he needs to be the one to carry the shield, after Steve. Episode leaves a massive cliff hanger so get excited for next week’s season finale!


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