REVIEW: The Invincible Episode One-Three

With Snyder’s Justice League Cut, and Marvel’s Falcon and The Winter Solider series released in the last two weeks. Amazon’s Invincible animated series was release with the first three episodes on Friday March 26th. This is a show I recommend a lot of people to give a shot. I am fan of the comic book series and the show does live up to expectations so far.


If you are fan of the comic book series the show respects the comic book materials. I am a fan of J.K. Simmons as Omni-Man/Nolan Grayson he does a great job by bring the voice to the character alive. The show does a great job presenting some of the things that the comic book didn’t show. Episode One sets the tone for those who have never read series in showing what kind of the comic book series is.

Steven Yeun who voices our lead character Mark Grayson/Invincible does great job in making his voice sound like a teenager. Audiences will forget that is Glen from The Walking Dead who voices the character. As a fan of the comic book series this is like watching the book itself come to animation but from a new angle. I defiantly like how they cut some of the subplot stuff which gave the animated series a good flow.

If you love Dragonball Z and Superman this is a combination of both from The Invincible series if you know what I am talking about from the comic books. The animation is crisp and the action is fully entertain. The voice casting is staked with Zachary Quinto, Gillian Jacobs, Walton Gaggins, Clancy Brown, Zazie Beetz, Sandra Oh, Mark Hamill, Lauren Cohan, Seth Rogan, and many more.


This show does a lot of things that most animated series wont do much of these days, but it does feel like they are walking on egg shells with trying to do something and than explain it, afterwards.

Some of the characters have changed to please a demographic of audiences which will hurt one of the sublots I enjoyed between Even and Mark’s friend.


Amazon’s Invincible series is easily one of the best animated series out there currently. Each episode is 45 minutes long. It’s action packed, dark violence’s, and a lot of crazy stuff happening. Episode four comes out next Friday.


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