REVIEW: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode Two

Episode two gets everything we were hoping to see from the first episode. This episode dives deep into some of the things that is currently going on and has continue to be an issue for decades in our world. We get a lot of great action and goes in depth with the current Captain America or US Agent played by Wyatt Russell.


I really enjoyed what Captain America/Steve Rogers means to Bucky and Sam. As fans we all felt like Bucky when he sees that shield with and a new Captain America on screen. I do understand why Sam passed on the mantel from Steve, because from Sam’s narrative the world is not ready for a black Captain America as that is part of his story into becoming the new Captain America and to carry on the legacy.

I like the buddy cop stuff between Sam and Bucky. The therapy session they had reminded me of Riggs and Murtaugh from the Lethal Weapon franchise as their friendship is inspired from that action franchise series. I enjoyed the bickering between Sam and Bucky it is entertaining. We get more depth of the Flag Smasher as they are experiment super solders.

We are introduce to more supporting cast especially from Walker’s Captain America who has his own sidekick as we learn the government views Captain America as a brand. The introduction to the new Captain America was a modern take of the promotional stuff Steve Rogers went through as Captain America in the 40’s.

I was very happy we see Isaiah Bradley in the episode as I didn’t think we would meet him this soon. We learn about his time as the black Super Solider or Captain America of the time working for the US government in the 50’s and how he was screwed by the government during his time he trusted them. I was happy we see Marvel Studios talking the issues with how the black communities are screwed and treated in society. Carl Lumbly who plays Isaiah Bradley stole the episode in my opinion.


We do get some awkward moments from the therapy stuff with Bucky and Sam which we didn’t needed to see. It was a waste of time and will take audiences out of the episode and didn’t do anything for the episode or the plot. We get another awkward moment that was not needed after a big action scene.

OVERALL: 8.5/10

After a slow episode one. Episode two was very engaging and entertaining. I love that each episode so far is 49 minutes long, because we see characters and good story development. Episode two should get audiences invested in watching this show. Disney Plus and Marvel Studios once again has another giant hit on their ands.


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