REVIEW: Superman and Lois Episode Three

The first two episodes of the CW’s Superman and Lois series established or reestablished the Superman Arrowverse status quo. After Tyler Hoechlin debut and made appearances in Supergirl and the Crisis event series as the new TV Superman. Episode three takes a break from the Captain Luthor and General Lane stuff, and focus on family man Clark Kent and Lois Lane chasing a new lead against Morgan Edge.


I am still loving the Clark Kent trying to be the best father he can be, but being the man of steel has his perks into spying on his kids in high school but now that back fires and he has to learn how to trust his kids without using his powers to know if they are making the right choices. I enjoy the Lois Lane stuff because I like the real journalism she goes out to find. Like Amy Adams i am buying Elizabeth Tulloch as reporter but I still need to see more Lois Spunk in her for me to buy her more as Lois Lane the reporter.

I thought the last ten minutes was very good. We got a good fight scene with Superman going up against a powerful foe. I like the cliff hanger that is related to the Morgan Edge stuff that show is building up. I love the family moment stuff in the beginning of the episode with the Kent. Audiences see the strong bond the family. I liked how Jonathan Kent is starting to remind me of the comic book version of the character with being selfless and cares for his twin brother.


The CGI with Superman saving people in China was very recognizable. It was hard to ignore the bad CGI in the episode. Audiences will have to adjust their eyes while watching that scene. I didn’t like the idea for Jordan to tryout the football team as an excuse to beat his bullies from the pilot episode. The actor is scrawny and watching him knock around other football players who are bigger than him is hard to believe without anyone questioning how this is possible he could be doing this.

If the producers continue to make Jordan Kent a whiny Anakin Skywalker in the next future episodes of the series it is going to be hard to watch this character every time he doesn’t get his way.


Episode three wasn’t horrible, but it was the first meh episode. The last ten minutes might have saved the episode from being forgettable. Lets hope the next episode or two episode before the break until May will keep the big audiences invested.


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