REVIEW: WandaVision Series Finale

The series finale of Disney Plus hit series WandaVision is finally released today, and the series wraps up a lot of the things that build-up into the show, but it leaves something open that will tie into some of their other Marvel Studios project in the near future. MINOR SPOILERS


This episode was written emotionaly good for Wanda. She had a lot of difficult decisions to make that the audiences will feel for her because how good the writing was for her story. WandaVision was a love story between Wanda and Vision and the finale showcases the love the two characters has for each other. Paul Bettany was tremedus playing Vision and White Vision in the episode. I love the Man of Steel contraversal scene nod in one of there fight scenes. I found it as a good laugh. It’s a quick nod that some people might missed.

Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau continues to be one of the best parts from the entire series. We get a little tease as what she can do with her powers. Any scene she was in she stole the scene from the series. Make sure to watch the mid credit scene as fans will get a tease to what next for the character.

Action scenes was very good. I love the effects used in the battle between Wanda and Agatha. I thought Kathern Hahn was a lot better in the finale she wasn’t as cheesy like she was in the past two episodes. We get some horror elements in the finale from the Witch stuff. It had a little Sam Rami vibe to it.

I’m sure the leaks are out about Wanda’s Scarlet Witch modern look. I love her new classic modern look for her. She will be more established as a Scarlet Witch. I’m looking forward to where Scarlett Witch goes next in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Madness directed by Sam Rami. Make sure to watch the finale ending credit that will give some insight for what she is trying to do and how it will connect to the Doctor Strange sequel.


I wasn’t a fan of the Jimmy Woo character, because he was an eye roll with the bad comedy. I think a lot of people will be disappointed with the reveal of who Even Peters truly is. I’m sure all of the hopeful theories out there will be disappointed with the outcome of the finale.

The music score felt very flat in some of the big emotional scenes. Thankfully the acting was so good to hide it.

OVERALL 8.5/10

WandaVision Episode Nine titled Series Finale tied up a lot of loose ends and answered some theory questions. The finale does a great job setting up for what’s next for Wanda and Monica Rambeau in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Madness, and Captain Marvel 2. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Madness comes out March 25th 2022 so we will see what Wanda comes up with next.


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