REVIEW: Superman and Lois Episode 2

After a long week of waiting for the next episode of the CW’s Superman and Lois series. Episode two continues to bring a consistencies episode, after the pilot, and planting seeds for the future direction of the series for our characters. MINOR SPOILERS


The episode focuses on Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane as a reporter we know and loved. I bought her as a journalist who is doing her job in exposing corruption. I enjoy a lot of the reporting Lois Lane going around and finding the truth. One of the things I like so far, is how true it is about billionaires, who are buying out journalism companies to control the news. It is something that is currently happening and it’s hard to believe what is currently being reported to the mainstream media. She understands what the risk is for exposing her villain Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) who bought the Daily Planet from the first episode and is making changes to how newspaper is run.

I am becoming more of a fan of the twins. My favorite part from the twins is seeing Jonathan and Jordan reunited while they were separated for the most of the episode. There is a little bit of a Sam and Dean vibe interims of their personalities. Jonathan’s Dean the older brother who’s about family first, a jock and a womanizer. While Jordan is Sam the special one who is trying to figure himself out. We do see some seeds plant between how Jonathan feels about always being the one who sacrifices for his brother, and how he gets all of the hits for it. We finally see the fortress of solitude in this episode as the trailer teased.

We get a more of captain Luthor who is played by Wole Parks. We get a few bits and pieces of his Luthor and some of the theories after pilot episode is true if you watched this episode. Once again Tyler Hoechlin’s continues to play a great Clark Kent and Superman. The more he does in the roll the more I am enjoying his portrayal as the Man of Steel. I like how the show is balancing the three stories between the Kent family. We get the Lois story and the Superman story of how to balance in being a father and how to be Superman.


We see some of the CW moments from the series with the kids and the high school stuff which might turn people off. So far some of the story elements is becoming a little predictable in terms of where the series might be going for this season.


Episode two is consistent, after a great pilot episode. We get some great Lois Lane the reporter moments from the episode. The show so far is consistent with it’s tone. This episode I thought did a great job balancing the Superman, Lois Lane and the twin story.


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