REVIEW: WandaVision Episode 8

Episode eight of Disney Plus’s WandaVision dropped yesterday. This episode will have lot to dissect from, and centers around Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness’s origin and more about who she is. The episode dives into a lot of Wanda and some of the things from her sad past. This episode will answer some questions fans had. Minor Spoilers!!!


This episode maybe Kathryn Hahn’s best performance as Agatha Harkness we have seen from the series yet. She’s having a lot of fun playing Agatha. Some questions is answered about Agatha gets answered especially if she is the one who is mind controlling Westview this entire time. She kinda reminds me of Loki a little bit in the episode. We get to see her full look and we see how powerful she is as a witch. I loved the Wanda stuff in the episode. We see a lot of flashbacks from Wanda’s narrative leading into what happen to Westview, and it was very sad and audiences will feel for Wanda in some of the saddest moments she had to relieve again. We defiantly get a surprise cameo of what Wanda will look like in a modernized looking suit that is hinted in one of the scenes. Just pause and clear the image and you will see what I am talking about.

We get an exciting ending credit scene that will have hardcore Marvel fans excited for next weeks finale episode. Especially for fans who have read the West Coast Avengers comic book series. The finale is expected to be longer than any of the previous episodes.


I think fans who had a lot of theories will be disappointed with some of those questions getting answered. I did get bored with some of the scenes getting dragged out. This episode is centered around Agetha and Wanda so fans who want to know what is going on with Vision, Monica, and Darcy might be disappointing.

Overall 8/10

I enjoyed episode eight and the episode did a great job filling in the some of the gabs that fans wanted answers got. We only have one more episode left so hopefully the series ends with a huge surprising bang.


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