REVIEW: WandaVision Episode 6

Since the end of episode two of WandaVision, each episode of the new series continues to get better with the action, the mysteries, and the thrills the series continues to bring. Episode five takes place sometime after episode four surprise cliff hanger. Disney Plus has found its next big hit after The Mandalorian. MINOR SPOILERS!!


For those who have watched episode five and six we all know Evan Peters enters the MCU by reprising fan favorite Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver from the recent Fox’s X-Men movies. The spotlight of the episode focus on Evan’s Pietro whom Wanda starts to notice he isn’t her Pietro from the MCU, by how he interacts with her. Audiences will recognized their might be more to who Evan Peter is really playing base on the scenes he shares with Wanda/Elizabeth Olsen. Could he really be the rumored Mephisto who is rumored to play a role in Wanda’s fantasy or reality she created in WandaVison.

The sitcom this episode pays tribute was Malcom in the Middle. So Westview is now entering in the early 2000’s with their sitcom periods. This episode was Halloween special so hardcore Marvel comic book fans will finally see Wanda and Vision in their classic comic book accurate suits. It was fun to see the characters in their fabric suits base from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s The Avengers series. Obviously this wasn’t the first time Kevin Feige did something like this if audiences remember he was able to sneak in Chris Evan’s Steve Rogers classic Captain America suit in his first film. It was cool to finally see the characters in their classic suits.

As for the three audiences whom watched WandaVision. Darcy, Jimmy, and Monica they have been having trouble with SWORD after their interaction with an angry Wanda. We got a good action scene with Monica and Jimmy planning to enter Westview to convince Wanda what she is doing is wrong. The writing continues to do a great job balancing the different scenes with all the character in and out of Westview.

Vision ventures out on his own to learn what exactly is going on in Westview and tries to learn what happen to him before his time Westview. Vision is the real audiences who want answer to all the question that is currently happening in WandaVision. He does his own investigation to find out what is really going on and how he can save everyone who is under either Wanda or someone else is mind control.


Some fans will be disappoint about the possible reveal of Agnes in the episode if you thought she was more than what she was. Hopefully it was a red hearing. The whole you don’t understand what you doing with the SWORD stuff in the episode is redundant base on past MCU movies. Josh Stamberg continues to be a downer in the episode as the Director of SOWRD.


Each episode of WandaVision continues to get better and audiences will want more especially with how this episode unfolds and the shit Wanda does to make it clear nobody is taking her family or the world she created. Elizbeth Olsen continues to show how great of an actress she is and a lead.


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