OPINION: Zack Snyder’s Justice League Trailer Two

After the a long waited second trailer of Zack Snyder’s Justice League film, which is set to be release on HBO Max on March 18th. The second trailer is finally here and all I can say is wow!! It feels like a completely different Justice League movie than the one we got in theaters in November 2017.

MY Reaction to the Trailer


I am very excited after watching the trailer, because the film has the right vibe and tone that matches BvS and the Wonder Woman film. My biggest take away is the Leto’s Joker and Batfleck’s teased intereaction that fans like myself would never thought we would get and wanted to see when the DCEU started or leading into BvS. I am very happy for Snyder to get his vision of the film. My expectations is at a medium because I am sure I will disagree with Snyder’s storied direction on his cut. I never thought Steppenwolf as an A+ villain since he only appeared in the DC’s Earth Two comic books and was never taken serious. However now that we are in the Multiverse age of comic book films. I have lessen how I feel when directors takes the characters in a new direction that is different from the source material.

Like most people, I was not a fan of Leto’s Joker from Suicide Squad film. It sucks hearing how screwed he was from the studio when they made the decision to cut most of his scenes out of the Suicide Squad. I am very happy he will have a better exit from the DCEU. Snyder who is great at creating creepiness and horror if you have seen his remake of Dawn of the Dead, and I can’t wait for Netflix film Army of the Dead with Batisita. It’s amazing how he looks without the tattoos. Snyder has said to Variety.com, last week we will see multiple looks of Leto’s Joker in the four hour film. One we see in the trailer is him wearing the GCPD bullet proof vest, there will be another look of him wearing the Arkham Asylum jump suit and hospital mask, the third is from the photo below released from Variety. Leto’s Joker has the white make up, with a red bloody lips like Heath’s Joker. He is not doing any of the dumb stuff he did in Suicide Squad. His voice sounds a little bit like his performance from playing a recent creepy character in the film Little Things, that was released last month. I notice the Flash and Cyborg is in the scene with Batman and Joker’s interaction. The scene might not be one of the new scenes that was shot from last Fall. Here’s the link to the Snyder interview First Look at Jared Leto’s Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League | Vanity Fair

Jared Leto as the Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League streaming on HBO MAX on March 18th 2021

I think we will see a lot of Leto’s Joker with Ben’s Nightmare Batman world than we think base on Zack’s interview with Variey.com. Has Batman become so desperate he needs to team up with the Joker because of the evil Superman, has taking over the world in the name of Darksied? We will see on March 18th. We get a lot of action scenes from Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Batman in the trailer. It is very clear the four hour film will be very action driven which it should be since its a four hour film. Lets hope we get a Batman and Deathstroke fight scene that we’ve been daydreaming of, from the Affleck’s The Batman film that was never made, but was teased about from many who was involved in the project.

If you hated Wonder Woman 84, don’t worry we will see the worrier Wonder Woman we loved from BvS and from her first film again. Obviously Snyder’s film is more serious and less tonged and cheek compared to Joss and Geoff John’s version of Justice League that was released in theaters so that is great news since audiences today wants a little more different now that Marvel Studios closed out their first phase of Marvel movies. Snyder’s Justice League is the perfect pick us up we need until we get more closer to a normal we hope to have by the fall.


I am a little mixed with the CGI, because it still doesn’t look great. That might because the film was shot and made over four years ago and obviously some of the CGI technology has changed. I have moved on from the DCEU and I am more excited for the upcoming films like James Gunn’s Suicide Squad film, Shazam two, and Matt Reeve’s The Batman staring Robert Pattinson as the new Batman. I am not crazy about the War Machine that Snyder’s call Batman’s new tank that’s base from The Dark Knight Return graphic novel. I am tired of the tank stuff an I want to see a car batmobile again which we will get in The Batman next year. Some of the shots we already seen like Ezra’s Flash stuff, and Superman in the Black suit, and the Cyborg stuff already.


I am a glass half full person, and I am excited to see the DCEU will have a better closing exit, compared to the theatrical version of Justice League. Lets hope the new movie scenes that Zack Snyder shot is to give the film a proper closing since we wont get a Snyder Justice League Part Two. For a 4 hour film lets hope it keeps all of us on the edge of our seats while watching Snyder’s Justice League film set to come out on March 18th 2021. Thankfully we will not see Henry Cavil with CGI on his face when he is Superman.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League | Official Trailer | HBO Max – YouTube


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