REVIEW: WandaVision Episode 5

If audiences thought episode four answered questions about what is going on in the town of Westview. Episode five blows episode four out of the water, because the episode titled as “On a Very Special Episode,” presented more questions, big surprises, and more excitement for the upcoming episodes of WandaVision. Minor Spoilers…


I enjoyed the 80’s tribute to sitcoms such as Growing Pains, and Who’s the Boss in the opening intro of WandaVision. The episode had a great balance between what is happening inside Westview and what happen outside of Westview. I enjoyed Katheryn Hahn who plays Agnes. This episode raised more questions of who she might be the entire time. Her scene with Wanda and Vision diffidently hints at who she could potentially be in the show. I love the chemistry between Darcy, Monica, and Jimmy as they all have some connection to the characters they refences from, but how the three of them are working together to figure out what they can do to save Westview. It makes sense for the three of them to team up because they are the audiences who are watching the WandaVision series. The stuff over at S.W.O.R.D with Darcy, Monica, and Jimmy have become some of the best stuff I have enjoyed from the series so far.

Elizabeth Olsen continues to be fantastic and we see how scary she can become in the episode. We get a lot of Easter eggs, and references from past Marvel movies. Episode five is their longest episode so far in the series and the pace is very good and the episode does not missed a beat. I enjoyed the commercials spoofs from the episode as this one was a called back to one of the classic MCU movies. The commercials which are related to the worst events in Wanda’s life can be fun to sypher.


I wasn’t a fan of the Director of S.W.ORD Tyler Hayward played by Josh Stamberg. His character is the typical leader who just wants to shoot first and asked questions later, and that’s what he wants to do in the episode.


Since episode three of WandaVision every episode after that, has become must watch in my opinion because so many things continue to unravel while presenting more questions and excitement surprises. Especially episode five that will have hardcore Marvel fans and generally movie comic book fans excited for what’s next. Disney Plus is on a roll with another successful hit series.


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