REVIEW: WondaVision Episode 3

Episode three was released yesterday on Disney Plus. WandaVision is slowly becoming a huge hit series for Disney Plus with each episode so far. Episode three continues to be bold weird, and interesting with more clues and nods to what might be really going on in the town of Westview. MINOR SPOILERS.


The chemistry between Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen was perfect in episode three. Their chemistry and their relationship was the focus in episode three. We continue to see a lot of nods to the 70’s sitcoms like the Brady Bunch, Mary Tyler Moore show, Levern and Shrella series. I thought Elizabeth Olsen was phenomenal in episode three. She was fun, serious, emotional, and having a good time in episode three. Episode three diffidently moved the plot in the series. Lots of hints as to what is really going on in Westview, and how Monica Rambeau was the center on the weird colorful and campy Westview. This episode connecting to some of the events we remember to some of the MCU movie series. It was a perfect love letter to the classic sitcoms and tied the series back to MCU events we have seen in the past.

Episode three felt like we will see some surprising characters who will make appearances as one of them was referenced. I enjoyed some of the references related to Wanda and Vision comic book history.


There is a moment in the episode when it is teased to what is really going on in Westview centered around Monica Rambeau’s disgusts character, and to what is happening with the town. Sadly in typical Kevin Feige fashion its teased something but no payoff yet from episode three.


Episode three is another beautiful letter to the classic sitcoms of the 70’s and ties the series back to the MCU films. Marvel comic book fans will enjoy the comic book references and the small cameos. Episode three will leave audiences wanting more as more questions rise to what is going on in Westview. Is this Wanda’s fake or made reality fantasy world or is she in some kind of magic prison by S.W.O.R.D? Stay tune for next Friday to learn more.


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