REVIEW: The Mandalorian Chapter 15

Star Wars Fridays continues with Chapter 15 The Mandalorian season two, which came out today. This is the seventh episode of season two which is the second episode from the season finale episode that will be out next week. The title of this episode is “The Believer,” that brings back well known comedian Bill Burr to reprise his character Mayfield from the first season. Even though some might view this as a filler episode it was definitely one of the best filler episodes for this season Minor Spoilers.


The action in chapter 15 continues the high standard that the Mandalorian series continues to bring since the pilot episode. The stunt people in my opinion have been the real star or MVP of the series with how much and risk they take to make some of the best action we have seen since Vader’s battle scene in Rogue One. Music score continues to be another highlight in this episode as it keeps up with the pace. I wasn’t crazy about Bill Burr returning to Star Wars after it was teased in chapter 14, however his performance was a lot better in this episode compared to last season. He had the most dialogue in this episode and I surprisingly enjoyed him. The biggest surprise is how the show found another creative way for us to see Pedro Pascal’s face again which I was really happy to see and from a character stand point I can see the less confidence Din has when he is not wearing his helmet and that he’s sees himself as just a man and not something more when he is wearing his Mandalorian armor. I enjoyed the character study or the differences when Din is wearing his helmet and when he is not. I do not want to see Din walk around without his helmet more ofen as I can see Din believes he is something more when he does not let people see his face.

We get Boba Fett back again doing some Boba Fett stuff and a call back to Empire Strikes Back with Boba’s ship. Boba seen a fully colored armor and not faded out like it has been previously. I like the black mixed with his green armor it is a good look for Boba. I did enjoy watching a little bit of the narrative of the Empire as they see their way of doing things is the right way from their narrative. It was another character study in my opinion which I was very entertained an it was a fresh take after we have so much about Rebels, Jedi and etc., who are the good guys and doing the right thing. It felt fresh to see that narrative.

I enjoyed the 30 minute episode as they are fast pace and get to the point in the story they are trying to tell in the episode. Rick Famuyiwa who has been great at writing the filler episodes and direct a few of the episodes in the series should get more recognition with Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau. The three of them have been doing a fantastic job in uniting all Star Wars fan back together after the bad money grabbing sequels.


With Disney announcing a lot of the new Star War Series coming out in the next year or two on Disney Plus. One of the new series is called Rangers The New Republic. I belive that this episode was a little bit of a back door pilot to spinoff from The Mandalorian that I am sure will have Bill Burr and Gina Carano as one of the main cast, because of how chapter 15 ends. Don’t be surprise if Bill Burr and Gina Carano is part of the main cast for Rangers the new Republic which will take place at the same time of the Mandalorian.


The Believer might be one of their best filler episodes from The Mandalorian lots of surprise risk and to do whatever it takes for Din aka Mando will go to save Grogu aka Baby Yoda from the Empire and Moff Gideon.


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