REVIEW: The Mandalorian Chapter 14

There is a lot in this episode titled The Tragedy. This is the shortest episode in season two, but so much is packed in a span of thirty minutes. Season two continues to present a lot of exciting moments and surprise for Star Wars fans. Some Spoilers Below.


Chapter 14 continues right after chapter 13 left off with Din Djarin and Grogu finds the Jedi temple for Grogu to call any Jedi to train him. We get some fun moments with Din having fun to now call the child by his real name Grogu. The opening scene of the two of them shows their connection between the two. We’ve seen simaler moments in previous episodes. I really enjoy the fun moments they had.

Chapter 14 brings back Star Wars fan favorite Bounty Hunter Boba Fett who is played by Tamuera Morrison who was known as Jango Fett in the prequel series returns as his son Boba Fett. The action scenes with Tamuera as Boba Fett is fantastic. Even without armor Tamuera shows how much of a warrior Boba Fett is when he is stripped of everything, and he is still one scary and a tough SoB.

We get a little bit of in-depth with Boba Fett and his armor which we all knew is his father’s. Once we see him get his armor back and he suits up its like watching a character who we thought was gone an is resurrected and kicking ass.

I was happy to see more of Moff Gideon in this episode. He gets more than one scene in this episode and I was happy to see that. We see The return of another character from last season which confirms a theory as to who saved her on Tatooine. The 30 minutes was perfect for the Manalorian because everything was straight to the point and now drag out scenes.


The title for Chapter 14 was very predictable interms of how this episode ended. I found that disappointing knowing the conclusion while I’m enjoy the episode but knowing how the episode ends before it began was disappointing.


Props for Jon Favearu on the writing for this episode. He’s known for being a huge fan of Boba Fett and he shows he gets the character and did a great job with how Boba Fett carries himself an his viewpoint. Movie Director Robert Rodriguez was the surprise director for this episode. One of the things I love about Mandalorian is how they are able get a blockbuster directors to direct an episode. It shows how much Star Wars has impact on so many creative people in the entertainment business.


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