REVIEW: The Mandalorian Chapter 13

So much to talk about and dissect from episode 5 of season 2 The Mandalorian. Chapter 13 presents a lot of big moments and surprised reveals that will have Star Wars fans geeking out. Some big questions have been answered in Chapter 13 titled “Jedi.”Minor Spoilers


Right out of the first few minutes we get our first full look of live action Ashoka Tano from Clone Wars, and Rebels CG series. Ashoka is played by Rosario Dawson who was a long time fan favorite casting. Rosario was meant to play this character, because she look like she is straight out of those CG series. Rosario Dawson even gets Ashokas voice.

If you wanted a lot of lightsaber action. Than this is a must watch episode for fans who’ve been dying to see lightsaber action scenes. We learned a little bit of what Ashoka has been up to since Rebels ended. The reveal of what her next mission is will have Rebel and Star Wars Legend series fans geek out that another character is still alive out there.

I want mention the villain of the week name Magistate who is played by Diane Lee Inosanto does a fantastic job making audience hate her and see how menacing and cold she is. Watch how her character who does not care for life an wants a dictatorship for this small town shows how dark an twisted she is. Visual the episode is very beautiful, and Dave Filoni wrote and directed chapter 13. He does a great job making Ashoka Tano look like the last of ancient Samuari clan. I have always viewed the Jedi’s to be similar to a Samurai.

Dave Filoni sees the same thing for the Jedi and brings that for this episode. I’ll never understand why Dave Filoni was not involved in the early stages of the sequel trilogy. He gets Star Wars an knows how to introduce something new in a familiar setting that fans will recognize. We now learn the name of the child/baby Yoda and where he wae from after the clone wars and how much force training the child has. This is a huge reveal an put some of the crazy rumors to rest.


Even though this was supposed to be a team up episode with Ashoka and Din Djarin. Din Djarin takes more of a back seat in this episode as the episode centers around Ashoka Tano. The episode feels like a backdoor pilot episode for Rosario Dawson Ashoka Tano, which I am happy with.

Some fans might not like where the journey takes Mando and the child after this episode.


Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian Season 2 is easily the most Star Wars episode yet. It is deffintly the best episode yet if the series so far. Fans will be talking about this episode for a while. We have more three episodes left and we haven’t had Mando meet Boba Fett yet, and even tho he was teased in the first episode of season 2. We should see them interact before season 2 ends. Chapter 13 expands the universe of Star Wars again with Ashoka Tano returning in live action and this will not be the last time fans will see the fan favorite character.


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