REVIEW: Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales

If you love the first Spider-Man video game from Insomniac. Spider-Man Miles Morales is a must play video game for comic book fans and video gamers.


Miles Morales is no Peter Parker, but he can do everything a Spider can, and more. The game play is almost the same like Peter’s Spider-Man game was but for Miles Morales you have that same game play but are introduced to Venom power and camouflage. Miles has two powers that Peter Parker does not have and they are fun to use for power attacks and stealth battles. His two abilities that Peter doesn’t have makes him different from Peter and making him his own Spider-Man. The gameplay is easy if you played the Peter Parker Spider-Man game.

I enjoyed the campaign story for Miles and his journey into becoming his own Spider-Man and not under Peter Parkers shadow. His friendships and family is important to him and it’s fitting when he fights his rogue gallery of villains they are more personal to him as Miles Morales and not Spider-Man. Miles Morales is voice by Nadji Jeter returns to voice Miles from the first Spider-Man video game. He voices Miles on the Spider-Man animated the TV series on the Disney channel.

He continues to do a great job bring the character to life with his voice an is viewed as the voice of Miles Morales Spider-Man. I enjoyed Miles supporting cast such as Ganke Lee who is his best friend and is the original idea for Ned in the Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies. I enjoyed Miles uncle Aaron and known as the Prowler.

I think people would like to see more of him in the game. I thought the Tinker as the main villain was surprisingly good. She was a huge threat in the game. I love the music in the game. It’s very energetic and hopefull. When ever Miles gets or makes a new suit the music plays an you get the same excitement that Miles has.


The game is very short compared to Peters Spider-Man video game. No announcement yet if there will be downloadable characters to play or new side missions. Hopefully Insomniac will add new downloadable content for Miles Morales Spider-Man game.

Some of the costume choices are ok but not enough to unlock compared to Peters Spider-Man game. Act three of the campaign story felt rushed instead of taking their time. It felt like more of the story could’ve been extended.

The city of New York is the geographic from Peter Parker Spider-Man. Only that it is winter and Christmas time. No other parts of NYC was added to Miles Morales Spider-Man.


Miles Morales Spider-Man video game is a must play on either PS4 or PS5. It’s a fun action adventure super hero game. Miles Spider-Man is not a sequel to Peter’s Spider-Man video game. After beating the game watch the ending credits to learn what is in-store for Peter Parker Spider-Man sequel game.


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