OPINION: What to Expect from DC’s Future State

I know I am probably a few weeks late on DC’s big announcement of their DC Future State event which was originally their latest reboot DCU which is now scrapped and is only a main event series until DC’s creative people come up with a new ideas. Some of the ideas that DC was supposed to make Permitted if you have read my DC’s 5G article of Dan Dido’s original plan will not happen. Here is what the Future State event is about and who this event is for. Some Spoilers

The Future State event is tied from many of the new top writers and illustrators who was hired to come up with new characters and ideas for the fifth generation of a new Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Now that 5G is scrapped their stories will be labeled as a event series or a possible future instead of permitted DC history. Before I explain some of the things about DC Future State please go an check out Bleedcool.com, because they cover all things comic book related. They go in depth with the DC Future State events. I am only going to mention of what has happen in the Batman Superman and Wonder Woman world.


With the fall out of the boring Joker War story. Batman is defunded from his billions of dollars and will now have to improvise on how he is going to continue to be Batman without his awesome toys. In the DC Future State Bruce Wayne’s Batman is on a manhunt from new mayor of Gotham who wants to ban all masked vigilantes in Gotham. The new mayor of Gotham and his story to why he wants to banned vigilantes in Gotham including Batman is built up in Peter Tomasi current under rated Detective Comics run. For those who are wondering where Damien Wayne is as Robin. He quit as Robin in the aftermath of the Tom King Bane’s story. The bat family blames him for the death of Alfred, and the guilt he has makes him not want to continue as Robin. Tim Drake is back as Robin again in the future state and in the present of the DCU. The big villain in Gotham is  Magistrate. It is unsure if the other new Batman will be Lucas Fox or his brother Timothy Fox who hasn’t been in the comics for decades.

We will see Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown return as Batgirls. It looks like Barbara Gordon will continue to be Oracle again after Joker War, and it is unclear if she will get into politics like her silver age history made her a Congress Woman pre Crisis. It is unclear what time points occurred to when either Luke Fox or Tim Fox becomes the new Batman, because in the future state stories the new Batman title synopsis reads that Bruce Wayne is killed “He’s not really” and a new Batman emerge. As for Red Hood he will be featured in the Detective Comics title going after Bruce with Grifter from Wildstorm comics. Lucius Fox appears to be the character as to how the Windstorm characters return to the DCU. Dick Grayson is back to being the Dick Grayson we all know and love. He has a new base in Arkham Asylum. It is unclear what his role will be in the Future State in the Batman world.

The big villain in the Batman world is  Magistrate, who came out of Detective Comics title and now controls Gotham City in the Future State. Future State take place in 2030. I am looking forward to Detective Comics and Batman title of Future State. I am curious to learn what happen to Bruce Wayne in the event series, and John Ridley who will write the new Batman in the Batman title.


Clark Kent’s Superman has been all twist in turns under Brian Michael Bendis for the last three years. I was reading Action Comics, and Superman title for a while but the title lost me with the amount story directions that was repeated stories from the new 52 Superman. Clark Revealed his true identity to the world that he’s Superman. His son Jonathan Kent spent time with his father Jor-El who has been a live and return. Jonathan return as a 17 or 21 year old because time is different when he was with Jor-El. Brian Michael Bendis Superman run has been a cluster fuck. Not only did he age up Jonathan Kent he brought back Connor Kent in Teen Titans but its been very confusing since there was now two Superboys.

In Future State series there will be three Supermen. Jonathan Kent will be the new Earth Superman, or the Superman of Metropolis, and Clark will be rejected by earth after his recent fallouts in Brian Michael Bendis Superman stories, and will be in warworld battling like a gladiator and fight against Mongul. It is unclear what Connor Kent’s role will be in future state but I would guess he will be another Superman in the Suicide Squad title and Kara is the new Superwoman and wears a similar costume to Powergirl minus the cleavage. Superman stuff seems the most uninteresting stuff.

Wonder Woman

DC announce they will introduce a new character who is Brazilian name Yara Flor who is the new Wonder Woman in 2030. According to Superman’s editor who spoke with IGN says she is from Brazil and is an immigrant who came to America. One of the things excited to see from this new Wonder Woman is that we do not need to see her origins right away. When we meet her she is the new Wonder Woman in action. We will learn later to who she is an how she is connected to the Amazons and Diana. As for Diana she will be in another event title to battle whatever threat comes at her. She is seen wearing batman utility belt and a kryptonite necklace. It is unclear if she will be battling someone from Krypton. He story remains a mystery but it is something to be excited about.

Who is Future State for?

The future state event series is to attract new readership. Every few years DC like Marvel comics will do soft reboots or event series to attract new readership. These changes was supposed to be permitted changes under ex DC employee Dan Didio but AT&T has different ideas than to do another reboot since that failed with New 52 reboot. I think the titles fans should give a read should be Dark Detective Comics, The Batman title, Wonder Woman staring Yara Flor, Titans title because of the introduction of Red X, and the story is being written by one of the writers from Teen Titans animated series. The other titles is a wait an see approach. If you want to know the fate of the Flash, Suicide Squad, Green Lanterns go check out Bleeding Cool. I have a feeling those title might not be that great to read.

My Opinion

If you’re one of those comic book readers who tune out when changes are made with your favorite characters in the comic books. I understand but because these characters are own by cooperate industries they have to attract new readership to keep the business going. This is only a two month event, I am sure DC and AT&T want to see what characters will stick out of the Future State to move forward with in the Summer of 2021. Summer is usually when DC and Marvel brings out new titles with shinny number ones. We will see where things are by than. I am hoping we get to see more Black Label stuff out of non continuity stories from DC, because that is when writers and artist can tell their best stories and illustrations.

I believe the reason why AT&T scraped the 5G reboot is because of what they are doing in the movies and tv. I think they see that the 5G thing will confuse a lot of new readership who want to read the characters the love in the movies. I expect with whatever DC comes out with next it will be something inline with the DC movies.


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