The Avengers Video Game Review

I just recently completed and continue to play The Avengers video game. For those who are still on the unsure about picking this game up or download the game digitally. I will say I had my doubts about the video game when the first trailer was release last year, but the video game’s story and game play is surprisingly good. (Minor Spoilers)


The first thing I was impress with is how great the game play and fighting style is different for each character. For example I really enjoyed playing Thor, Captain America, and The Hulk. Each character has a different set of specials and fighting moves that are not repetitive. The second pro I enjoyed about the video game is the story in campaign mode was a good Avenger story that introduce Kamala Khan who is known as Ms. Marvel from the comic books. I know recently Marvel Studio’s announce unknown actress Iman Vellani to play the superhero in her tv series and in future films, but the voice actress Sandra Saad did a great job voicing the character and she does have the right look as actress if Marvel Studios wanted to cast Kamala Khan as a 16 or 17 year old which is not the route they are going in.

I am a big fan of playing 3rd person video games and this one had a lot of the things I enjoyed about a third person video game. Lots punching, kicking and Hulk smashing that I think hardcore fans who love these character will enjoy playing. I have read some of Kamala Khan’s Ms Marvel from the comic books and it’s no surprise why she was purposely the lead character in this game since Marvel Studios are using the video game as a back door introduction to build serious interest from the general public when the character makes her live action debut.

The 3rd pro was I really enjoyed the multiple player mode after the campaign with my nephew who loves all things Marvel and DC. He’s a big fan of the Hulk and watching him play the Hulk with the biggest smile on his face was priceless.


There is some bugs with multiple player mode I came across after beating the campaign mode. There is some repetitive things to do for the different missions, after the story mode is over. The game in my opinion reminds me a little bit of Captain America Super Solider from the PS3 almost 10 years ago. If you are hoping The Avengers game is a roaming Marvel video game you will be disappointed. The Story mode feels short as there could’ve been more additional stuff that would’ve been fun. Some of the added grear is head scratchier for many of the Avenger characters.

I do think there could’ve been more classic villains besides AIM. I guess when it comes to Marvel video games we just take what we can get. Still waiting on some of the DLC to come out I do plan to play the Hawkeye and Kate Bishop next.


I had a blast playing the Avengers video game and it is defiantly worth picking up after the price is half off. I haven’t been able to play any of the DLC stuff yet but once they are released I will check it out. This is a fun 3rd person video game to play during the pandemic and with your kids if you are a parent or uncle and aunt. I think kids who are under 13 will have blast with the Avengers video game. It’s a good game but missed it shot at becoming a classic video game.


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