OPINION: The Batman Trailer Breakdown

I’ve been re watching the trailer since it was released last Saturday night. I’ve probably watched it over 500 times. Every time I re watch The Batman trailer I find something new about it. For this blog I will write a breakdown of The Batman Trailer, and speculate each scene and what might connect to the overall story of The Batman staring Robert Pattinson and Directed by Matt Reeves.

The Riddler or better known as Edward Nashton.

Paul Dano as The Riddle from Warner Brothers Batman trailer

This is our first quick and opening shot of Edward Nashton/Riddler played by Paul Dano. As we can see above Matt Reeves is reimagination the Riddler in a different way compared to his comic book counterpart and from past film incarnations from Jim Carey in Batman Forever and Frank Gorshin from Batman 66 the movie and tv series. This Riddler is taking lots of realistic features from what the Zodiac killer supposedly look like base on witness who seen him. Like Zodiac he likes to leave riddles and a zodiac clues for the GCPD and especially for the Batman.

I really like Riddler’s new gritty look for this movie. In the comic books it’s been tough for writers to do something different to make the Riddler a huge threat. In Batman Hush the animated movie he was viewed as a non threat or C level villain in Batman’s rogue of villains, because of his gimmick. He is wearing a green jacket with a full mask just like the Zodiac killer did to hide his face with part of his hair showing. he is wearing glasses or slick googles. Its very clear this Riddler is great at covering his tracks and will make it hard for Batman to solve what he is trying to reveal about Gotham’s corruption. Paul Dano in the few seconds we see him already is taking the Heath Ledger route by creating his own physical movements, voice, and how to carry himself in the Batman film.

Our First Shot of The Batman

Robert Pattinson as The Batman in Warner Brothers upcoming film

As you can see above it looks like Batman’s costume is little bit beat up from fighting thugs. I cannot tell if one of his bat ears is ripped off from an early fight with thugs before meeting LT James Gordon played by Jeffrey Wright. As we can see Batman looks a little exhausted and in disbelief of what he is seeing at the crime scene. I like the handmade armor suit that Bruce put together. Watching the suit in action makes it look very tactical in its own way. His Bat cowl reminds me of Adam West Bat cowl in the 66 series, and Matt Reeves is a huge fan of Batman 66 series. Some of the shots like this reminisce of Adam West Batman with a modern and serious take of it.

Lies and Gotham Corruption

Screen Shot from The Batman by Warner Brothers

As we see above the Riddler killed a politician in Gotham who was very corrupt and was no good for the city. It doesn’t mean Riddler is a vigilante because he is not. It means he wants to expose corruption with in Gotham and how deep the corruption runs down within the city. Something personally happen to him which is why he is motivate to ruin the leaders of Gotham City but his motives are not fully clear, because all of his games are towards Batman. The Riddler is attracted to Batman since he is about justice and saving the city of Gotham after the corruption killed his parents when he was an 8 year old boy.

We don’t know if the Riddler knows who Batman is yet. However the Riddler’s goal from the comic books was to always show he is smarter than Batman. It is possible that’s the game he is playing to Batman in this movie is to prove the Riddler is smarter than the worlds greatest detective. Batman’s detective skills will be his strength from Matt Reeve’s The Batman movie. Riddler needs an opponent who is worth playing chess not checkers with and Batman fits that.

Who is this?

Alex Ferns as GCPD Commissioner Pete Savage. From The Batman by Warner Brothers

Our next image is not the Penguin it is our first look at the current commissioner Pete Savage played by Alex Ferns. It is not clear if this will be a short role or a key role in The Batman film. I He was playing a corrupt commissioner Loeb from Batman Long Halloween and Year One. He is playing a new character for this movie and not from anyone from the comic books.

The Batcave

The Batcave in The Batman by Warner Brothers

The previous shot before the batcave shot show’s a cemetery that is believe to lead into the batcave. I believe the cemetery does lead to the batcave with the entrance looks like a hidden cave in the cemetery that nobody’s pays attention too. I think it will be similar to where the entrance to the batcave was in Batman 66 series. Look how Bruce Wayne rolls into the cave in the trailer which is similar to the batman from 66 rolled in and out in the tv series with his batmobile. The batcave reminds me of Batman Zero Year and Batman Earth One graphic novel. We see there is a tool place to make his weapons, and add on to his current suit. We can see in the far back what looks like an early stage of the batmobile he is still working on.

I know some people might think his batcave is seperate from Wayne manor, but I believe it is still under Wayne Manner. I remember in some of Wayne history from the comic books and from Batman Begins the cave under Wayne Manor was a secret railroad to sneak slaves out of slavery from the south. I think these railroads in this Batman world will lead into many spots in Gotham for Batman to quickly get in and get out from.

First look at Selina Kyle

Zoey Kravitz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman

We get our very first look of Zoey Kravitz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. In the first shot she comes down from the ceiling like a cat. So her movement and skills is like a cat. She is closer to the comic book version in terms of her look. She is wearing a closer Darwyn Cook’s Catwoman illustration jumpsuit without the mask and googles. Matt Reeves said at the DC Fandome that Selina Kyle is not Catwoman yet but will get there. So like Batman her suit will change over time.

Another look at Catwoman’s suit and fight with Batman by Warner Brothers.

As we can see above her suit looks very similar to Darwyn Cook’s illustration of Catwoman. I am looking forward to see Batman and Catwoman’s interaction in this scene and how it evolves in the film. I know people are complaining about the ski mask but I am sure she will have something better to wear when the movie is almost over. The ski mask in my opinion reminds me of her look in Batman Year one. Other than Robert Pattinson performance as Batman/Bruce Wayne I am very excited to see what Zoey Kravitz will bring as Catwoman/Selina Kyle. She is very underrated actress in my opinion. I highly recommend fans to watch her in HBO’s Big Little Lies, and her recent series on Hulu called High Fidelity. She is going to be memorable and a scene stealer as Catwoman I guarantee it.

Warehouse or dock scene from The Batman by Warner Brothers.

Our next scene appears to be a meeting outside of a warehouse or dock scene between possibly two gangs, the mob or with the Penguin and his gang This is a enhance image of that scene to reveal a better idea of what is happening. I think this scene connects with the Batmobile scene we see with the Penguin/OZ who says “This guy’s crazy!” It looks like a huge action scene is about to happen with Batman.

First three looks of The Penguin

Colin Farrell as The Penguin/ Oz in The Batman by Warner Brothers

The warehouse scene in my opinion is connected to all three shots of our first look at Colin Farrell as Oz or better known as The Penguin. According to Matt Reeve Oz hates it when he is called the Penguin. The First shot of Oz is right after the Warehouse shot in the trailer to reveal it is connection to that scene. The next two quick shots of Penguin is in action scene against the Batman. I believe The Penguin’s role will be something similar to Scarecrows role in Batman Begins. He will serve as the action points in Matt Reeve’s film and maybe joins forces with the Riddler at the end to stop Batman. We will see. Colin Farrell is very unrecognizable thanks to the makeup and designers. Many people who are working on The Batman movie either came from 1917 film or from Little Women. The designer for The Batman is from Little Women and if she is responsible for the transformation of Colin Farrell to Penguin she deserve to win all of the makeup/design awards in 2021.

A destroyed or vacant Batman suit and cowl?

A Enhance still destroyed/vacant Bat Cowl and suit in a red light room from The Batman by Warner Brothers.

I’ve notice in other breakdowns nobody has brought this scene up and I don’t know why because this was a still that caught my attention when I first seen the trailer. I made an enhancement image to get a better look of the shot and it is revealed to be a vacant bat cowl from Robert Pattinson’s suit, because we see the leather from the cowl after the sheet is pulled up. It is a very close up shot so we don’t know the context of where it takes place but it is a surprise reveal. We’ve been hearing rumors since last year Batman will have two suits in Matt Reeve’s The Batman film.

Black and white image of the Bat cowl and batsuit from The Batman by Warner Brothers.

Obviously the official logo is not the bat symbol seen on the bat suit in the trailer. I wonder if the Riddler got the best out of Batman and this is a crime scene with the bat cowl or suit vacant from what ever deadly game Riddler set up Batman in.

Possibly Bruce Wayne close up shot of a hand climbing out of something after what I think is a surviving a near death experience from one of the Riddler’s traps. Image is in Black and white from The Batman by Warner Brothers.

As a seen above its a close up of a quick shot of someone’s hand climbing out of something. My guess it is Bruce Wayne surviving a near death experience from the Riddler and a trap he was set up in. The image is related to the abandon batcowl and suit. This scene was in the trailer in visually red just like the abandon batsuit. This a Batman in his second year and like Batman Earth One I expect this Batman to make many mistakes and some of his arsenal not to work on him when he depends on it. I think he abandon his suit to survive whatever deadly trap the Riddler place him in and he was willing to risk his identity to be expose.

The Batman working with the Police?

A fight between Batman and in the interrogation room of GCPD from The Batman by Warner Brothers

Many people base on their reaction was scratching their heads seeing Batman at a crime scene with the police or working with the police. In the past movies we haven’t seen that before. However we have seen something like this in Batman 66 tv series. Anytime their was a crime scene Batman and Robin investigate the crime scene with GCPD to solve the crime. I think this is another connection to the beloved Batman 66 series Matt Reeves loves. Obviously something happens here but we don’t know what. I am guessing the GCPD are tired of trusting a vigilante who they believe is responsible for creating the Riddler and the amount of death piling up in Gotham City.

There is stories in the comic books that brings into question if its Batman who brings out the monsters like Riddler, Joker, Two-Face and many other classic villains from his rogue gallery. I think Batman was interrogating someone related to the Riddler and half of the police from Gotham do not want to work with the vigilante which is why we see a fight break out. Jim Gordon did hold or push Batman back in the next shot while whoever he was about to fight was hold back as well. This is a young Batman who is very angry and expressive and has not learned how to control his emotions like we see him in his prime.

Its a Trap!

an Explosion pushed Batman back after the Riddler set up a riddle for him at a funeral. The Batman Film By Warner Brothers.

I think this is how the Riddler captures Batman and places him in a room with red lights that we seen earlier with his dismantle bat suit left behind from the trailer. The Riddler creates another destruction to get his attention while he is attending as Bruce Wayne. Its possible at this point he might know who Batman is since he knew Bruce was going to arrive at the funeral service. We see a shot of Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne in the trailer who is very obsessive with capturing the Riddler, obviously that didn’t happen. We see another shot earlier of a man holding another envelope to Batman after he crashes the SUV at the funeral. This is away to lure Batman after the crime scene is cleared an Riddler makes his attempt to capture a knock out Batman who’s suit is destroyed because of the bomb.

Batman fights two different Gangs in the movie outside of the mob.

The Batman is about to brake some bones. The Batman film by Warner Brothers.

Most people expect this gang to have some kind of Joker inspiration. Sorry to disappoint but DC Film Lead Walter Hamada said at one of the DC Panels at the DC Fandome that the Joker does not exist in The Batman film in year two of Batman’s early days. I know it would be cool if it connected to the Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Philips Joker movie since they both take inspiration from Taxi. Sadly I don’t believe so and I am sure Matt Reeves wants to cast his Joker for his Batman movie world just like Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton, and William Dozer cast their own Jokers for their Batman world. I doubt this gang calls themselves the Jokers. Maybe they are called the Crows as a nod/ easter egg to the Batman who laughs from the comic books of Brandon Lee’s The Crow film.

The Batman fights another gang wearing mask not make up. The Batman film by Warner Brothers.

In another shot from the trailer I enhance. It appears Batman is fighting another gang in the movie who are not wearing makeup, but a face mask. Its not the court of owls but another rival gang maybe working for Oz. This could be from the same warehouse scene we see earlier in the trailer. We all cant stop talking about that beat down Batman put on that thug from the gang It does look like Batman does more damage to him with he is down but it was cut to show the gangs reaction.

Batman’s Ego

Another shot of the batcave with Bruce Wayne removing his batcowl in The Batman film by Warner Brothers.

In the last part of teaser we hear voice over of the Riddler an Batman conversation while we see a Bruce Wayne who looks to question or in self doubt of himself if he should continue his vow to save Gotham as Batman from the amount of corruption that killed his parents. The Riddler clearly wants Batman to see how corrupt Gotham City is and how he is part of this or maybe the Wayne family which is a hint he might know its Bruce Wayne. I believe their conversation takes place in the red room with the abandon batsuit an cowl that was left behind. In Batman ego the comic book story has Bruce question his Batman ego about the promise he made about protecting Gotham and taking the law in his own hands. Matt Reeve admit Batman Ego story was one of his many inspirations for his Batman story. Obviously the Riddler is going to play a lot of mind games with Batman’s motive to protect Gotham City and put him in self doubt.

Court of Owls

The Court of Owls written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Greg Capullo by DC Comics.

The film is only 25 maybe 30 percent complete according to Matt Reeves. We have not seen John Turturro as Carmine Falcone yet. Matt Reeves probably haven’t shot any scenes with him. The Batman did announce another cast addition for Police Officer Stanley Merkle. It will be interesting to see how Carmine Falcone plays in this mystery crime thriller. As for the owl card given to Batman in the beginning of the trailer. I think that is an easter egg to the court of owls that’s it. The Court of Owls might exist in this Batman world, but I think a Batman who is in his prime with Robin and Batgirl will be better prepared to go up against the Court of Owls. A Batman in year two would be crushed easily by the Court of Owls.

Dick Grayson’s origin as Robin is connected to the Court of Owls in the Batman Court of Owls comic book story and before The Batman film shutdown they were shooting a circus scene in the movie. I am not saying Dick Grayson will be in the Batman movie, but with the Court of Owls connection to Dick Grayson and his family I think its possible we will get a tease in the Batman movie that they exist and will have a presence in Matt Reeves Batman world. I can see the Court of Owls becoming the main antagonist in Matt Reeves third Batman film with a Batman now in his prime and Matt Reeve can close out his Batman trilogy with Robin and Batgirl at his side to end the Court of Owls which would be a great way for him to end his Batman trilogy. I strongly believe we will see Robin and Batgirl in Matt Reeves Batman world because remember he is a fan of Batman 66 series and some of the things he love about the series will be in his Batman world he is creating.

The Court of Owls has a supernatural element and this is a gritty grounded Batman world in his first film. I think the Court of Owls will slowly be brought in but not right away as the need to have special attraction for a separate movie like the Joker does. I am fine with the Riddler being the main antagonist for his first Batman movie. We already have four villains who will be in the Batman movie I think we don’t want to shove down to many villains into the Batman movie.


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