MOVIE REVIEW: Superman The Man of Tomorrow

Superman The of Man of Tomorrow, did not premier at DC Fandome over the weekend as advertised, but it was digitally released on Sunday August 23rd, after all of the huge announcements on Saturday. Many people such as myself believe this Superman animated movie is the first movie of another DC animated universe series, after the New52 animated universe concluded in Justice League Dark Apokolips War last Spring. Many people hope this animated series was going to be DC’s Rebirth animated series. Instead it is a full modern reboot of our favorite characters. Minor Spoilers

Warner Brothers movie art poster


I thought the voice casting of Superman (Darren Criss) Lois Lane (Alexandra Daddario) Martian Manhunter (Ike Amadi) Lex Luthor (Zachary Quinto) Parasite (Brett Dalton) and Lobo (Ryan Hurst) all did a fantastic job bring their voices for these characters. I thought Ryan Hurst as Lobo and Zachary Quinto as Lex Luthor was the two standouts. Ryan Hurst voice is unrecognizable and does a fantastic job voicing Lobo. Zachary’ s Lex is very sarcastic and charismatic to listen as Lex Luthor.

Superman gives a fantastic speech to the people of Metropolis about coming from another world and being an alien refuge raised on earth. The writers try to use being an immigrant as way to have Superman connect with audiences and it works for me. I like that we had Parasite as the big villain in this movie, because it was a good change of things than having another storied invasion by Zod or Brianic as Superman’ s world debut.


I did not like the music score of the movie, because it had a lot of Batman vibes to it. There is a plot hole that’s never address about why Lobo had a bounty on Superman. That was very disappointing not to learn as to why Lobo wanted to kill Superman. If you’re hoping this was a direct adaptation or base on Superman American Alien graphic novel by Max Landis. No it’s not base on his story at all. Some of the look and characters might take some inspiration from book but there’s no connection.

The animation took a little getting use to because it something different for DC animation. There’s some cgi around Parasite that I had to adjust my eyes. The movie felt rush in the beginning because the writers and animators wanted to get Clark in the Superman suit. The beginning of the movie felt like I was watching a different Superman origin an they went away from that, after 10 minutes into the movie.


I enjoyed Superman The Man of Tomorrow but it was lacking something more to make it more entertaining and different from past Superman origin stories. With the general audience more aware of a multiverse the people at Warner Brothers animation should be taken more risk like the New52 did. Its worth a rental but that’s it.


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