OPINION: The Flash Movie Panel at DC Fandome

The Flash Movie was present at DC Fandome on Saturday. Andy Muschieti announce that Ben Affleck would return as Batman in his Flash movie now title The Flash on his interview at Variety Fair. On his Flash panel along with Ezra Miller who is expected to return as the Flash for his own movie. Michael Keaton is confirm to return to Batman since sequel Batman Returns.

What We Know

Andy Muschietti revealed the reason the title is not Flashpoint but called The Flash is because Grant Gustin’s Flash named him the Flash in their small crossover on Crisis on Infinite Earth on tv. It is clear by Andy that their moment on tv did happen and is in cannon. There is no confirmation if Grant Gustin will make a cameo on The Flash yet but I do expect him to make an appearance somewhere on The Flash movie. Another reveal is The Flash will be an emotional driven movie for Barry Allen’s and the lost of his mother and what he would do to get her back.

The Flash Movie will set up the new rules of the DC Films by acknowledge all of their past DC movies are all part of the DC multiverse of different earths. Ben Affleck’s Batman role will play a pivotal part in the Flash movie with Ezra Miller because this Batman is his mentor and his Batman from his world, and will play an emotional part for Barry Allen. What I am guessing or expecting is that Ben will be there in the beginning before the crazy time screw up Barry creates to the timeline, and some how runs into the Michael Keaton Batman.

Michael Keaton Batman and Ezra Miller The Flash Concept Art

Michael Keaton’s Batman/Bruce Wayne plays a substantial role in The Flash movie according to director Andy Muschietti. The concept art hints in my opinion that Michael Keaton’s Batman creates Barry the new flash suit. I really like Barry’s new Flash suit, because it looks very slick and obviously Barry will need a new suit to show how evolved he’s become since Justice League. His new suit has a mix of the early concept art to the Flash suit going into making BvS and Justice League. It also mirrors Grant Gustin ‘s first Flush suit in Season one.

The concept art confirms Michael Keaton will suit up once more as Batman in The Flash movie. I strongly believe that Michael Keaton is going to be the co lead with Ezra Miller in The Flash movie because you do not bring Michael Keaton back for a cameo as Batman. I think this Batman helps Barry save the multiverse because of his screw up to the multiverse. I am curious to see who also will make surprised appearence in Flash since his movie is inspired by Flashpoint. I wonder if Lynda Carter will make a cameo in The Flash movie since this is about the DC Movie Multiverse. Obviously Grant Gustin’s Flash from CW series, will make an appearance in the Flash Movie. The Flash movie is not schedule to come out until June 3rd 2022.

I am disappointed at Ezra Miller and Warner Brothers for not address what happen back in March when a video of Ezra Miller shows him choking and slamming a woman to the grown while he was allegedly intoxicated at a comic book convention. He carries the burden of being the Flash and a superhero who is supposed to lead and show great examples since kids will see him as their first Flash. I hope the media will ask him about what happen an get some kind of statement from him because it’s sickening that Ezra is not showing accountability for his action.

Check out the recent interview from Variety Fair, who did a interview with Andy Muschietti a few days ago. Click Below



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