JL Snyder Cut Trailer Breakdown

We get our first official trailer of Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cut. It was release and announce at DC Fandome by Zack Snyder that the movie will be split into four one hour episodes on HBO Max next year and will the film will be disturbed to countries who cannot access HBO Max app. For those who have been waiting for the Snyder Cut it is coming and we get the first official trailer of Snyder’s vision for his Justice League film.

Check out the trailer below and Breakdown.

I am not crazy about the song of choice for the trailer because it threw me off, but I understand why Zack Snyder used Hallelujah for the song. Snyder Fans have been wanting this version since the theatrical movie came out and it was ruin by the old regime at Warner Brothers who was already on their way out because AT&T was gearing up to buy Time Warner in Summer of 2018. We do see some of the footage previously in Zack Snyder’s first Justice League trailer in 2016, with some shots from the theatrical movie that Snyder shot himself.

We finally see Henry Cavil’s face with no CGI lip or whatever that was by Joss Whedon’s version of Justice League. Henry Cavil looks like Superman and that is who fans and the general audiences will always see him as. We see lots of new shots from Superman in the black suit and he looks awesome in it. We see some Flash finish shots of him saving Iris West which looks fantastic. This time we see a lot of heart and care about Justice League in the trailer than we seen in the entire theatrical movie.

We get confirmation about Steppenwolf new look. He is intimating and creepy as how he was in his cameo appearance in Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice. This trailer confirms a lot of the things fans wanted to see in Justice League that would pay off after Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice. We see a creepy shot of an injured Cyborg trying to save his dad from the mother box but as we see he failed. Darksied is seen and it is clear he is in the movie. We get a surprise first look f Darksied right hand man name Desaad, who is creepy looking as hell.

My favorite shot from the trailer is the big hug Clark Kent gives his mom and Lois. I really enjoyed that small moment because of Man of Steel and this is the official third chapter of Superman that Zack Snyder in vision for the character to become the hope he is meant to be. My favorite moment in the trailer is the dialoged at the end with Flash and Batman. This time we will see The Batman we know from Batman v. Superman in Justice League. That speech he gives back to Flash should get everyone pump up for Justice League.

The tone is all Zack Snyder from The Watchmen, Batman V. Superman, and from 300. So Justice League is all Zack Snyder as a film which is what it is meant to be. Justice League feels like the movie is on a big scale. As it is supposed to be when you are doing a giant team up movie to save the world from a huge threat. Justice League The Snyder Cut will be release in 2021 as a four part one hour episode and will be a four hour movie after all of the episodes is release.


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