The Batman Teaser Trailer Reaction

Holy Shit! What a fucking trailer. That is my reaction, after watching the 2 minute trailer that was released a few minutes ago at DC Fandome. If you haven’t seen it yet go watch it and then come back to read my review. The Batman movie is the most highly anticipated movie in 2021, and the trailer gave us a small glimpse into Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson vision for their Batman movie and the world of Gotham. If you did not watch DC Fandome you missed out some of the things Matt Reeves discussed. One of the things he mention was Gotham City being its own character. Which is how Gotham City is viewed in the comic books. Check out the teaser trailer below


One of the things that strike me about the teaser trailer is how much of Batman Earth One volume series is very influences on Matt Reeve’s Batman tone. Batman Earth One Volume series is written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank. Again we see another Geoff Johns influences in the DC movies just like in Aquaman and Shazam movies. Batman Earth One Volume Two is a Riddler story that features a cameo of Catwoman. The Riddler plays a jigsaw like role in volume two. There is some similarities we see in the teaser trailer with the Riddler who is played by Paul Dano and possibly narrates the teaser trailer. We do not get our full look of the Riddler but his presences is felt through out the teaser trailer. Matt Reeve said that The Batman movie takes place in year two of Bruce’s early days as Batman. Another influence from Matt Reeves Batman movie is Batman Tell Tales video game series, and Batman Arkham Origins. Matt Reeves said at DC Fandome his movie takes inspiration from Taxi, Chinatown and other 70s street movies.

Watching the Batman suit in action and seeing it do Batman stuff is fantastic. The suit does have a dark grey to the body suit, I keep thinking the Bat suit takes inspiration to Batman Tell Tales video games and Lee Bermejo’s Batman suit. This batsuit is very handmade which reminds me of Batman Year One Hundred by Paul Pope. Like the previous Batman movies the batsuit will evolve into something more in future sequels. This is a young Batman who is a detective an fights like ninja, and clearly does not hold back at all.

We get our first look of Zoey Kravitz who plays Selina Kyle/Catwoman and we see her in her early look as Catwoman being a cat burglar. There is a Dwayne Cook inspiration with Catwoman and her interction with Batman. We don’t get much from Selina but we do see we will finally see a real live action Catwoman from The Batman comic books since Michelle Pheiffer’s performance as Catwoman. I’m looking forward to see what she brings as Catwoman. We get our first look at Jeffery Wright as James Gordon. We see a scene where Batman is in the interrogation room at GCPD which tells me Jim fully trust Batman in bring justice to Gotham. Their partnership is very similar to Nolan’s Batman and Gordan partnership from Batman Long Halloween and Year One. Another thing that I see some influences from is Batman Year 100 written and illustrated by Paul Pope, Batman suit kind of reminds me of his Batman suit because it is hand made.

Colin Farrell as the Penguin

Some people I’ve seen pointed out that Colin Farrell as Oz/ The Penguin is seen in the trailer, but as you can see above he is in the teaser trailer with a clear screenshot. He looks creepy and looks like the Penguin from Batman Arkham City game. Lots of make up an prosthetics this is the best penguin we have ever seen in my opinion an the movie wont be out until October 2021. I love the Nirvana song called Something in the Way. The song represent this Batman has a lot of anger as we seen in the last few seconds at the end of the trailer which makes him scary. I wonder if using a 90s song is a hint this Batman movie takes place in the 90s. I think that was their way to tell the people who didn’t believe in Pattinson as Batman to shut the fuck up I am Batman and I know the material of what I am bring to the character just like Adam West, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck has done. The teaser trailer presents that noir tone that Matt Reeves has said in the past.

Robert Pattinson looks great as Batman but his Bruce Wayne is still a wait and see this is a Batman in Year Two. Matt Reeves only shot probably twenty percent of the film so they haven’t film eighty percent of it. However Its possible he hasn’t come up with the Bruce Wayne Billionaire Play Boy persona to the media. In Batman Earth One series we have yet to see the billionaire play boy persona either. Like Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne who is angry and wants vengeance the Earth One Bruce Wayne doesn’t care about the persona in the public eye yet. What we see at the end of the trailer is a young obsessive Bruce Wayne who is struggling how to beat the Riddler and his motives. What surprise me is how much footage we see from Matt Reeve’s The Batman movie after production has been shutdown since March and they are going back in to shoot the movie in September. Only small parts of the film is shot an we got more than anyone would’ve imagine from DC Fandome and that’s very nice of Matt Reeves to allow fans to see.

The trailer gives us fans a lot of action an great shots especially when Batman shoots his bat gun and we see the camera looking down at him while he shots up to the camera. We get to hear Robert Pattinson’s Batman voice in my opinion sounds great its not raspy and no voice over just Pattinson talking angry and ready to kick some ass. “I’m Vengeances!” which is all we need to know about this version of Batman. We get our first look of the iconic Batmobile in action and looks like one of the best looking batmobile in my opinion I’ve seen since Batman Returns. I’ve notice in this Batman movie world that the police welcomes Batman’s help. We see some great shots when he enters the GCPD, and the crime scene with Jim Gordon. Alfred mentions to Bruce through voice over that he is becoming a celebrity which might be Batman. The police welcoming Batman’s help and becoming a celerity figure in Gotham since he is not hiding in the shadows. Is defiantly a modern nod of the Adam West Batman tv series in the 60s. His Batman did not hide in the shadows, works with the GCPD and was a celebrity around Gotham, Matt Reeves has deep love for Batman 66 and he might be taking that part into a serious take in his own Batman movie.

We get see the early stages of the Batcave which looks cool, and we hear Andy Serkis narrates over teaser as Alfred Pennyworth. He has a good Alfred voice but that’s about it. If you have read my article on my thoughts on Robert Pattinson possibly playing Batman back in 2019. You would already know I knew Pattinson was gonna own the role just like his predecessors have done, base on his body of work after his time with Twilight just like the late great Heath Ledger did after doing teen movies. Here is my link to that article below.


The teaser trailer is only the beginning to the future of Batman movies and the future of DC movies. Matt Reeves Batman movie takes a lot of the comic book inspirations and some of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, and Todd Philips Joker film. I will write more of my reactions on Wonder Woman 84 trailer, Suicide Squid featurette, Justice League Snyder Cut, The Flash concept art, and so much more from DC Fandome over the weekend. The Batman is expected to be release in theaters October 1st 2021.


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