TV REVIEW: The Umbrella Academy Season Two

I will admit I haven’t read any of the Umbrella Academy comic book series created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. The comic book series was turn into a live action series on Netflix inspired by the stories told from their comic book series. Since I do not have an investment with the comic book series I was able to enjoy season one a lot, and I was looking forward to where Netflix’s was going to take the Umbrella Academy family next in season two. With how season one concluded the second season of Umbrella Academy brought high expectations for their second season after a successful first season on Netflix. Does season two of Umbrella Academy live up to fans expectations? NO SPOILERS


The continuing standouts from season two in my opinion was Klaus played by Robert Sheehan. If you enjoyed Klaus from season one you will love the character a lot more in season two. I think Klaus gets more screen time in season two than any of the other main cast from Umbrella Academy. Which is great because the character is becoming a fan favorite character for the viewers. Klaus character developing continues to go to evolve from when we first met him season one. Aidan Gallagher who plays Number Five is now one of the biggest trending memes on social media, because of how great his acting performance in season two. Number five has a lot of memorable moments especially his scenes shared with the The Handler played by Kate Walsh. Kate Walsh and Aidan Gallagher has a lot of great matching wits of chemistry in season two.

I liked that the show runner/Netflix storied direction for Alison Hargreeves in the civil rights movement of the early 60’s. It shows todays viewers of how bad and unfair Black Americans were treated in the United States, and by White Americans. Fights for civil rights for the black community is still a continuing battle today in the United States. The civil rights movement started sixty plus years ago which means it is still recent, and is still a huge issue. Placing Alison in the beginning of the civil rights movement will give younger audiences an idea of how bad it was for the black community then and still have it tough today.

The surprising character that I enjoyed from season two in my opinion was Vanya, because she wasn’t annoying, uptight and angry in season one. She is still very powerful but now feels a since of belong in season two with her family, especially when she shares a very emotional moment with one of the main cast that I think really makes her feel accepted as a member of the Umbrella Academy family. Vanya was huge surprise turn around in my opinion, after how season one concluded. episodes five through ten is when season two really starts moving forward with consistencies’ building up to a big finale. We do learned more about their father an what he was up to in the 60’s and some origins on some of the important characters like Pogo and their mom from the Umbrella Academy.


The first four episodes of season two felt like a repeated substitute from season one. Even the main story was repetitive from season one. It was like checking off the boxes and becoming very predictable. I thought Luther/ Tom Hooper and Diego/ David Castaneda was the weakest from season two. I was not a fan of Diego’s new look because he looked to much like Klaus and with up close shots of Diego you would think it was Klaus. I think Diego’s new look was more surprising than his story ark which was weak. For Luther the writers did not know what to do with him season two. Which is wasted potential. We meet a new love interest for Diego. Her name is Lila, and is played by Ritu Arya. I think audiences’ will predict what Lila is and what she’s doing in the early episodes of season two. I was not a fan of the character and that might be because of Rita Arya’s performance who I do not think was right for the role.

OVERALL 8.5/10

Despite the slow start from the first four episodes. Once audiences watch episode five that is when you want to see what happens next, because the story gets more exciting and the build up leading into episode ten is going to have a lot of people talking. By the end of season two The Umbrella Academy will not go into another predictable direction, instead fans will be more hype for what is next in season three.


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