Doom Patrol Season Two Review

Doom Patrol second season might have been short compared to season one, because of the caronavirus, but the series still presented a lot of the best qualities of why we love about the live action series. With some new surprises and same WTF!? Moments we have seen from the first season. Doom Patrol delivers another great season but is it as good as season one? (Minor Spoilers)


If you love Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane she is still one of the best things I love about season two. This season Crazy Jane has her own shit she continues to confront from the first season, within the underground. This season reveals some important about why she is or becomes the prime personally of the Underground. Her story ark in Season two is one of the best things from season two. Brandon Fraser’s Robotman continues to be another standout from the first season. However Robotman has become more as a comedy relief when there is a lot of serious moments with the other main cast. He does have an ark with his daughter that I enjoyed as it was something I was interest on where it was going. We explore some sad past moments with Negative Man/Larry with his children and the past guilt he is experiencing with how things are left with his family after the incident.

The biggest standout from season two is Rita Far. I wasn’t excited about her from season one but in season two she is the most evolve character in season two when compared to season one. She is the unofficial leader of the group when shit happens, She knows how to bring the Doom Patrol family together even if they do not agree about getting involve. Her story arc and Crazy Jane’s story ark was the most attracting about season two in my opinion. April Bowlby I think brings her best work as Rita Farr in season she was the most well evolve character in the series.

Anytime I see Mark Sheppard appeared as Kipling in the series, I think he is really Crowley from the Supernatural series, because I see a lot of Crowley personality in Kipling that makes me think Crowley is hiding in another dimension while we assume he is gone in Supernatural. Kiping appearances in Doom Patrol is always a scene stealer when he appears in Doom Patrol. We meet new cast member Abigail Shapiro who played Nile’s daughter Dorthey. I enjoyed Dorthey’s moments with Robotman in Space Patrol, and Fun Size Patrol. She is not the villain but she is the center of the main plot.

My favorite episodes from Season two in no order is Sex Patrol, Fun Size Patrol, Tyme Patrol, Space Patrol, Pain Patrol, and Wax Patrol. Some of the new villains of the week I really enjoyed and I wish I could see more of. The music score is fantastic especially with revealing moments within season two.


My least favorite parts about season two was Niles Caulder played by Timothy Dalton. It is not his performance in season two that bothered me. I didn’t like the story direction they were taking Niles into. I did not believe he evolved in season two after the conclusion in season one. I would think after the reveals in season one by Mr. Nobody. Niles story ark I would think would be a redemption ark for the character. Unfortunately that is not the direction the writers and show runner went with. I enjoyed Joivan Wade’s portrayal of Cyborg in season one, but in season two the writers and show runner had no clue on what to do with Cyborg. His ark is very less interesting in season two that their is no investment in because his story arc was very predictable. My least favorite episode from season two was Dumb Patrol, because it slows down the momentum the series was carrying before going into episode eight.

I was disappointed we did not see more Flex Mentallo from season one. If you’re a comic book Flex is a popular character within the Doom Patrol mythology. He is in Sex Patrol which is one of the most WTF episodes from the series, but than he disappears. Other interesting villains I would love to see more of was Doctor Tyme for episode two. He was a fun villain but did not hang around long enough. My favorite villain Red Jack who was very crepy and very deadly but he didn’t stick around either.


Season two had a lot of great moments, the music score was a great creepy horror way to present a lot of emotional moments for our favorite characters. The show was building up to a very exciting payoff, unfortunately thanks to the Pandemic episode ten that originally is the season finally for season two was never filmed. So the series is left with a cliff hanger but episode nine Patrol Wax does have a payoff moment for one character but everyone else is left hanging. obviously with DC Fandome arriving this month that will feature some of the main cast from Doom Patrol with be their. Expect a Season three announcement for HBO Max.


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