OPINION: Who Should play the Flash in Flashpoint

As of right now Ezra Miller from Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie is still set to return as Barry Allen’s Flash in his movie called Flashpoint directed by Andy Muschieti from the IT films, and written by Christina Hodson from Birds of Prey and Bumblebee films. The film is rumored to co star Ezra Miller with Michael Keaton’s return as Batman from the Burton universe. Even though it is very exciting to see the anticipation of Flashpoint building up to be a big movie. Many people like myself can’t ignored what Ezra Miller did to a female fan in March 2020. There is many videos of the 30 second clip of him allegedly intoxicated and grabs a female fan by the throat and slams her against concession stand and then puts her to the ground. Since that video has surface Ezra Miller and Warner Brothers have not comment months later on what happen. Some people thinks its a joke some people do not know what to make of it.

I believe Warner Brother’s need to address the incident, before going into production with Flashpoint. This is a incident that will not go away. With how the United States is today it would be the dumbest thing for Warner Brothers to do is to move forward with Ezra Miller as the lead for Flashpoint, because of what he attract with him for allegedly attacking a woman. If Hartley Sawyer can get fired from the Flash tv series for offensive comments he tweeted about between 2009 and 2014. I don’t understand why keep Ezra Miller as the Flash who is a iconic superhero from the silver age and is a hero who saves and protects people. The Flash continues to become a very popular superhero thanks to Grant Gustin’s portrayal as the Flash in his tv series.

I am not someone who likes to fan cast because I am not that kind of person. When directors and producers picks their choices of actor to play their character for their vision for their superhero movie. I support their decision because they are familiar with the material and they are looking to add to the material from the comic books. Here are a five actors in no order who I think could be a great casting choice to play The Flash if Andy Muschieti gets his chance to recast Flashpoint if Ezra Miller gets recast.

Tye Sheridan

Tye Sheridan is best known for playing the lead role in Ready Player One. He did play Cyclops in the recent X-Men movies and was one of the leads in X-Men Dark Phoenix movie that came out last year. The actor is building a big name for himself in Hollywood and I can see him be the perfect choice for Flash and Flashpoint becoming the movie that makes him a box office draw and in mainstream with the general audience.

Timothee Chalamet

Timothee Chalament was recently in the hit Netflix movie called Kings in 2019. He is set to star in the anticipated movie with a star cast in the remake Dune directed by Denis Villeneuve that will hopefully be out in December 2020. I know there are some comic book fans who would like to see him play Robin. I think he’s going to be a big actor that should not play Robin after Dune comes out. He show’d he can carry a movie with Kings, and I believe he is another breakout movie star looking to make it into mainstream as a box office draw. Playing The Flash in Flashpoint and costarring with Michael Keaton will be the perfect opportunity to get that mainstream success.

George McKay

George McKay stared in one of the biggest movies in 2019 in the hit war film 1917 directed by Sam Mendes. George like Timothee, and Tye is still viewed as an unknown actor to many of the general audiences. He does have the comic book look for the Barry Allen’s Flash and needs a blockbuster movie to hit mainstream.

Tyler Posey He was best known in his main role in Teen Wolf. He was recently seen in Now Apocalypse tv series, and was in the horror movie Truth or Dare. He is an actor that is a familiar face with the general audiences because of Teen Wolf. He is someone I can see if given the right opportunity to succeed as the Barry Allen Flash.

Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas is an actor who lost out to Matt Reeve’s Batman role to Robert Pattinson. He is an actor who is looking for that one movie to push his career into mainstream success. He was best known as Beast in the recent X-Men movies. Outside of the X-Men movies he’s been featured in a lot of independent films to build on his acting performance, who is waiting for the right movie t push into stardom.

Hopefully when DC Fandome arrives next month Warner Brothers will acknowledge what their plans are with Flashpoint, and the future of Ezra Miller. The Flash like many other superheroes who’ve been played by actors understand the view they are in because they represent these ideals these character do as superheroes.


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