OPINION: HBO Max’s Batman Spinoff and Bat-Verse Future

About two weeks ago Borys Kit from The Hollywood Reporter who reported that HBO Max is developing a new Batman related tv series that will take place in the Matt Reeve’s The Batman universe. Terrence Winter from the hit series Boardwalk Empire will write and be the executive producer for the new Batman spinoff series. THR reported the Batman spinoff with be a police drama that takes place in Gotham City from Matt Reeve’s The Batman movie. THR says the spinoff does not have a title yet. Many people like myself calls it Gotham Central, which is base on the Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker’s Gotham Central comic book series.

My opinion of the story is that Warner Brothers is all in on Matt Reeve’s The Batman movie to be a giant success whenever it is release in Fall of 2021. That’s if movie theaters will return at that point. It tells me that the new higher ups at Warner Brothers are in love with Matt Reeve’s story idea for The Batman, and want to see more of that world on their HBO Max streaming service. The new regime of Warner Brother in my opinion since the beginning of June 2020 has revealed they want to see more Batman and Batman related projects. We have Michael Keaton returning as Batman in Flashpoint movie, we have Ben Affleck’s Batman returning in Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie cut, Matt Reeve’s The Batman movie, and now a Batman related spinoff from The Batman universe that will debut on HBO Max.

We still haven’t reached DC Fandome and Comic Con will be streaming all weekend on youtube. I highly recommend everyone to watch Justice Con tomorrow ( Saturday 25th 2020) We will be watching some cool stuff and hear some awesome news from Zack Snyder and many people from behind the Justice League Cut. If this Batman spinoff on HBO Max is indeed inspired by Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker’s Gotham Central comic book series. I will be very excited because I am a fan of the Gotham Central series. There is many great stories told from the narrative of GCPD officers and Detectives. No casting is announce yet for the spinoff series. Hopefully this indeed is a spinoff series and not a prequel series like Fox’s Gotham series.

With a Gotham Central series we can see small level villains who can make their live debut in The Batman universe series that wouldn’t make the movies. I can see characters like Killer Moth, Calendar Man, Professor Pyg, Zasz, Rupert Thorne, Maxis Zeus, Magpie, KG Beast, Crazy Quilt, Clock King, and the rest of the Falcone family. I can see the series focus on the Falcone Family if The Batman movie is very inspired by Batman The Long Halloween series by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. I can see the fall of Carmine Falcone from The Batman movie flesh out deeper in the Gotham Central/ Batman Spinoff series. I can see the main cast from the spinoff series come from the Falcone family and GCPD in how the Gotham they now live in, is not the same anymore because of the new class of psychotic costume criminals that Batman inspired from The Batman movie that is the fall of the mob and how crime is now seen in Gotham City.

I don’t believe we need another Gotham related Batman series after how it was presented by Fox. Obviously the producers for Gotham’s Fox series did not have a 5 season plan and continue to wing it most of the time. It is very clear the new regime at Warner Brothers want to see more Batman related projects in the future. With continue RUMORS of many Batman spinoff coming out of Matt Reeve’s Batman movie and Flashpoint will not be a one off appearance from Michael Keaton as Batman/ Bruce Wayne. People forget Christina Hodson is writing a Batgirl movie who wrote the Flashpoint movie, and Chris McKay is supposedly still attached to a Nightwing movie staring Dick Grayson. We haven’t heard any update yet from those movie projects. Hopefully we hear an update from either Comic Con this weekend or at DC Fandome in late August.

I am curious to hear what else Warner Brother would like to see done with Batman’s related characters. We know there’s rumors of Warner Brother would like to see another Joker solo movie again, after the giant success they had with Todd Philips and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker artsy movie last year. Titans Season 3 is expect to go into production at some point and that has become Batman related heavy with Ian Glen’s Bruce Wayne making casual guest appearances in Titan’s season 2. We had a Alfred Pennyworth solo series that was a pre Batman days, and a current Batwoman series on the CW that is not popular with audiences. So it is clear Warner Brothers wants more Batman related projects in the future and I am hoping this is spinoff is not the only Batman related HBO Max project they are planning to do.


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