OPINION: Michael Keaton returning as Batman in The Flash Movie

According to Umberto Gonzalez from thewramp.com who is reporting Warner Brothers and Michael Keaton is in very early talks to return as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Flash movie staring Ezra Miller’s as the Flash. The Flash movie will be directed by Andy Muschietti who recently directed the two successful IT films, and the script by Christina Hodson who wrote the hit movie/Transformer spinoff Bumblebee movie and the Birds of Prey film. Umberto Gonzalez added to his report that the talks between Warner Brothers and Michael Keaton could go either way since its very early stages and is not a sure thing Michael Keaton will sign on to return as Batman for the first time since 1992 Batman Returns. Umberto Gonzalez also added if Michael Keaton does return as Batman his Batman universe will take place thirty years since Batman Returns. Umberto says there is no details on how big his role will be in the Flash movie. If Michael Keaton returns as Batman, Umberto says The Flash movie will ignore the late Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and Batman and Robin movies. RIP Joel Schumacher who gave us many great movies especially Lost Boys. Readers can read his report from thewrapped.com just click the link https://www.thewrap.com/batman-returns-michael-keaton-bruce-wayne-the-flash-movie/

The Flash movie is rumored to be inspired by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert Flashpoint comic book story staring the Barry Allen who turns the DCU timeline upside down. A Batman is featured in the Flashpoint comic book story but is the Thomas Wayne Batman who is becoming more popular with DC fans and there was rumors over the weekend by various website that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in talks to be featured in the Flash movie to reprise his role as Thomas Wayne and Batman. This is only rumor that was reported by many comic book and entertainment websites. With the new rumor that is becoming legit early talks of Michael Keaton returning as Batman we might see multiple Batmen again in 2022 after Snyder’s Justice League Cut, and Matt Reeves The Batman film staring Robert Pattinson in 2021.


Reading this news about Michael Keaton returning as Batman after almost thirty years. Is unbelievable news, because I thought the Justice League Snyder Cut happening was the biggest Comic Book news of 2020 but if Michael Keaton officially returns as Batman in the Flash movie this will be the biggest news of 2020. There is various websites who running with the story as well but added that this will spinoff Michael Keaton featured in a Batgirl movie and other DC movies that will open up the multiverse of DC movies. This is only a RUMOR and there is no truth besides various websites hyping fans up more to see more Michael Keaton as Batman. I do hope those rumors become true, but again nobody really knows much beside early talks between Michael Keaton and Warner Brothers.

I remember early this year before we all got screwed by the Pandemic. The Flash Movie was rumored to suppose to go in early production in late Spring 2020. Obviously almost everything is shutdown since the end of March. I am curious if there was two versions of the Flash script that features two different versions of Batman. A else world Batman is featured in Flashpoint, maybe this is an easier way to bring back Michael Keaton’s Batman as away attract the general audiences to see the Flash movie instead of using the Thomas Wayne’s Batman. The other reason why Warner Brothers would go back to Michael Keaton’s Batman over the Thomas Wayne Batman is because of how popular his Batman continues to get after thirty years since Batman Return, and not having a proper send off or continue his Batman in a third movie in the 90s.

I am a fan of the Thomas Wayne’s Batman and I hope we see Jeffery Dean Morgan plays the Thomas Wayne Batman in the Flash movie with Michael Keaton’s Batman featured in it as well. I do hope if Michael Keaton returns as Batman again we get a Dark Knight Returns kind of moment for his Batman. If fans want to see Michael Keaton back as Bruce Wayne/Batman he needs to be back in the Batsuit one more time. I highly recommend Batman fans to watch American Assassins action movie or look up clips from that movie because Michael Keaton in my opinion is very Batman like in that movie in terms of his action scenes in the movie. It shows he still has a lot of Batman in him and I hope he gets one last chance to play Batman as many fans like myself feels like we didn’t get a proper send off/ closer like we got from Christian Bale’s Batman receive in The Dark Knight trilogy. Here’s a clip of Michael Keaton’s scene from American Assassins movie in 2017.

There ae many moments from American Assassins that shows Michael Keaton could play Batman one more time and maybe a Batman Beyond one off movie. The movie it self is very generic but it is worth checking out if you have doubts if Michael Keaton cant pull off an older Batman. I really hope Warner Brothers do not dropped the ball and bring back Michael Keaton as Batman/Bruce Wayne one more time in our lifetimes. I hope this becomes official news when DC’s Fan dome comes out in August 22nd.


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