Which Characters from Marvel Comics who will Rejuvenate the MCU

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While everything is still shutdown in the film industry for the last few months, because of the pandemic we are all currently in at the moment. Less than six months from now Marvel Studios/ Disney will have all of their Marvel characters from the Netflix series return to them. With all studios still shutdown in the US, Kevin Feige could easily reshuffle everything for Disney Plus or Hulu with the Defenders’ characters returning to Marvel Studios. It would open up the possibilities to either continue or reintroduce the characters again.


One of the characters Marvel fans want to see return for a season 4, is Charlie Cox’s Daredevil series. In my opinion I think it’s best to reboot the series to make it easier to tie it into the MCU. Since Disney owns Marvel I doubt they will move forward with continuing the Netflix series. Daredevil is one of the many popular characters in Marvel comic books, and has a bigger built in fan bases even pre MCU days. Anything Marvel Studios does with Daredevil. The fans like myself will still watch, because of how strong the Marvel Studios brand has become. In my opinion Netflix revealed that Daredevil works better as a series than a solo movie franchise. Kevin Feige since Ironman has final say over direction of the MCU characters, and the string of stories getting told. I am sure he will put his own spin on Daredevil and his own word from hell’s kitchen.

If anyone has read Mark Waid’s Daredevil run that finish almost five years ago I ago. I think his run on Daredevil would be a perfect tone or inspiration for the MCU Daredevil. I am a fan of Daredevils runs from Frank Miller, Kevin Smith, Brian Michael Bendis, and Ed Brubaker’s comic book storied run on Daredevil. Mark Waid comic book run brought a great balance of light and dark for his Daredevil series. It was a very good run and I feel his run is underrated comic book series from the Daredevil mythology. I believe it’s best if we get Matt Murdock already establish as Daredevil protecting Hell’s Kitchen. Like Batman in his early years he’s just a myth or a fair tale but haven’t been proving to be real yet by the media.

Some of the fan websites have reported Daredevil will be featured in the next Spider-Man sequel. Even though it was Kevin Smith who said on his Fatman Beyond video a while back. Has said he would like to see Daredevil in the next Spider-Man movie. Kevin was speaking only as a fan like the rest of us who would love to see Daredevil interact with Spider-Man once he’s back with Marvel Studios again. I think with the entertainment industry still on hold this would be a perfect opportunity for Marvel Studios to start coming up with ideas to bring in Daredevil into the MCU sooner than Marvel would have expect earlier this year, because everything is on hold. Daredevil making his MCU debut sooner would defiantly rejuvenated the MCU. Like Kevin Smith said I agree with him by having Daredevil feature in the next Spider-Man sequel would boost interest in his solo project for either a solo movie or a rebooted series on Disney Plus.


MarvEven though its very quiet about what Ryan Coogler is planning for Black Panther two. End Game will defiantly leave a mark on Wakanda because T’Challa and Shuri have been gone for five years after getting blip from Infinity War. Okae and M’Baku was the only two leaders left seen in Wakanda at the end of Infinty War. We know in End Game Okae stepped up as the new leader for Wakanda while Tchula and Shuri was thought gone forever. I am curious to see what Ryan has instore for Black Panther in his sequel and where Wakanda is at currently at since we last seen he country in Infinity War was fighting together. There is no rumors on when Namor will make his long awaited debut in the MCU. Obviously many rumors have mention Namor will make his live action debut in Black Panther Two.

We have yet to see the MCU version of Atlantis and Namor’s world under the sea. Hopefully that will change since Namor is a very well known character and one of the first establish characters at Marvel Comics. He is a character that many Marvel fans for over decade want to see on the big screen. With the success of Aquaman there is no question Kevin Feige is thinking of introducing Namor sooner than later in the MCU. It would be cool if he plays key role in Black Panther two because that will be a perfect way to get him introduce to a huge audiences that will be watching Black Panther two in theaters.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Three and Adam Warlock

James Gunn who announce on twitter The Suicide Squad film is done shooting and is in post production and will be out next August 6th 2021. Now that he is done with The Suicide Squad film I would help Kevin Feige reached out to James Gunn on writing Guardians of Galaxy Vol. Three. Hopefully James Gunn started writing his first draft. I believe this will be his last time writing for Marvel Studios. Out of all of the movies that will be put out from 2020 to 2022 by Marvel Studios. Guardians of the Galaxy vol three is the most anticipated Marvel movie besides MCU Spider-Man three. Everyone like myself is curious to know where the Guardians of Galaxy characters go after End Game. We know Gamora is not the same Gamora, and is from a different timeline so that will be interesting for fans like myself to see where that story plot continue in the third movie.

The next saga or phases of movies from Marvel Studios appeared to be fleshing out the cosmic universe of the MCU and becoming a little gritty after Black Widow standalone movie. The Eternals film seems to be a very unique Marvel Studios film. That’s if you compare it from their other space franchise Guardians of the Galaxy. The next phases of MCU will be a very important one because general audiences want something different with their comic book movies now that the Infinity Saga series is completed. The investment with their audiences is not there yet, because of the conclusion to The Avengers End Game. After Eternals in early 2021, their next MCU movies from phase four will be Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings, Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man film in his franchise. In 2022 Thor: Love and Thunder, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and the rebooted Blade movie staring Mahershala Ali as Blade will be out between 2021 or early 2022.

In the Guardians of the Galaxy vol two it was hinted at the end of the movie that popular character Adam Warlock will make his live action debut in the MCU at some point. I believe Adam Warlock will play a key role in the next MCU storied saga after Guardians of the galaxy vol three. Hopefully this come true since Marvel Studios will be introducing Eternals next year. I believe the Eternal will be central to the next story saga of MCU films since we will be watching more cosmic marvel stories on film with Thor Love and Thunder, Eternals, Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness, Captain Marvel Two, and maybe a Fantastic Four reboot.


The biggest news out of last year San Diego Comic Con was the announcement of Mahershala Ali playing Blade in an upcoming Blade reboot movie in the MCU sometime in the early 2020’s. This was huge surprise in my opinion and a great casting choice by Kevin Feige to find his Blade for the MCU. The next Blade movie will easily rejuvenate the MCU with new investment by the general audiences and introduce the horror side of the MCU that we have yet to see in the MCU. Blades introduction will open up more horror material from the Marvel Comics that general audiences will want to see in the MCU. The Blade reboot could introduce other horror characters such as Brother Voodoo, Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider, and Man-Thing. If the new Blade movie becomes a huge success it will launch the horror side of the MCU.


We all know they are rebooting the X-Men and Fantastic Four Franchise They will be rebooted into the MCU at some point and I am sure Kevin Feige has map out on when their introductions into the MCU will be. I believe they will be introduce in the later part of phase five or early part of phase six. Kevin Feige is confident the next slate of his movies coming out will be successful and there is not urgency to rush the Fantastic Four and X-Men right away. My final point is as long as Kevin Feige is in charge of running Marvel Studios the MCU will continue to be a mega powerhouse at the box office and viewed positive by critics since there is one person running the show at Marvel Studios.


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