Batman Curse of the White Knight Review

Batman Curse of the White Knight is a direct sequel to the critical hit Batman White Knight story and art told by Sean Murphy. If you thought Batman White Knight story pushed new boundaries in the Batman mythology. Curse of the White Knight takes those boundaries further than you would ever imagine. (No Spoilers)

Curse of the White Knight takes places some time after The White Knight story with Batman and the GTO mentally and physically recovered from Neo-Joker’s plan against Jack Napier, and Batman that nearly destroyed Gotham City. Plus Jack Napier’s making his point to Batman, about the damage Batman has created in Gotham City for decades. The story follows up two things that was hinted at the end of White Knight. The first hint was what secret did Alfred keep from Bruce, and the second is what did Jack Napier mean when he said about how he learned about the Joker in the old Arkham Asylum building.

Both of these reveals are fleshed out in a ballsy Batman story that bat fans didn’t know they wanted to read. If fans though Jack Napier character was the only layer to the Batman and Joker releationship. In Curse of the White Knight Joker does not hold back and presents his most scariest, violent, and deadly plan to destroy Batman, the Bat Family and Gotham City once and for all. If you thought The Killing Joke, and The Death of a Family was the worse Joker could do to Batman you haven’t read Curse of the White Knight.

The main villain in this is not only the Joker, but fan favorite Jean Paul Valley, who makes his debut as the recognizable Azreal in Sean Murphy’s White Knight series. This is a new take on the character with some familiar elements that make him a fan favorite from The Batman Knigfall series in the 90s. I think readers will be happy to read a less grim or angry Batman. Batman is allowing the bat family back in as well and trusting new allies. Readers will see a huge change from Batman in Curse of the White Knight when comparing him to White Knight.

There’s a lot of emotional scenes with between Barbara Gordon, and Batman in Curse of the White Knight. My favorite scene is between Bruce and Dick Grayson. A lot of my favorite moments is the Batman 89 references, and the Joker’ s references to Batman 89 and The Dark Knight films.

Overall 9/10

I do not think everyone will be ok with some of the surprised reveals that happens in Batman Curse of the White Knight. Those reveals will impact Batman’s legacy moving forward. Keep in mind this a else world Batman story. So hopefully it won’t be such a big deal to Batman fans but something that Batman will overcome. The end of Curse of the White Knight will leave Batman fans wanting more with how the ending sets up a third volume from Sean Murphy’s Batman White Knight universe.

I cannot stop phrasing about Sean Murphy’s Batman stories. I haven’t a enjoyed a great Batman story like this in a long time. His White Knight series deserves to be up there next to Frank Miller’s TDKR and Batman Year One as one of the greatest Batman and Joker stories of all time. I highly recommend Batman readers to pick up the Hardcover edition when it’s release in the fall of 2020.