Jamie Foxx is still playing Spawn

Last week a few websites reported that Academy Award winner actor Jamie Foxx is out as Spawn. The rumored started with that Todd lost an academy award winner who was involved with the Spawn movie. Many websites speculate it was Jamie Foxx because of possible schedule conflicts. Well three days ago Spawn’s creator and entrepreneur Todd McFarlane did an interview with Batforce Radio, and responded to those rumors and confirm that his Spawn movie is still happening. He confirm that Jamie Foxx is still set to play the title character for his film.

Todd says he did lose an actor who was an academy award winner or that was nominated for an academy award that could have been addition with Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner for his Spawn movie, but the deal did not go through. Todd made it clear Jason Blum, Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner are still involved in the Spawn movie. Todd said he receives messages from Jamie Foxx on when they are going to start shooting. Todd did admit he lost a big writer who was involved with the film. However he is set to meet with another big writer who might be a grand slam according to Todd if they can get this writer on board. Todd said he is speaking with many people in the film industry who are award winners and nominations who would like to get involved with Spawn. Todd says he does have producers who wants the movie to be PG-13 instead of rated R, because of the billion dollars the Avenger movies makes. With Joker being a billion dollar hit as a rated R movie does help convincing producers who are interested to be involved in the film.

Todd McFarlane’s goes on to talk about his battle with movie studios who wants a PG-13 superhero movie instead of rated R. That has been the frustration part about trying to get his Spawn movie made. Todd presents his pitch to give to the interviewers from Batforce radio and the listeners as to what it is like to deal with movie studios who do not agree with a rated R superhero movie idea. Batforce radio asked a lot of great question related to the Spawn movie. Especially a great question on why not get involved with the streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Todd McFarlane’s continues that the movie studio must agrees to him direct the film and it must be a rated R film. With the rated R Joker film, becoming a financial success last fall does help his case to convince a movie studio to go with his rated R take for his Spawn movie.

Todd also talks about his Spawn being a part of the Mortal Kombat video game as a downloadable character. Todd at the end at the interview talks about a possible Spawn comic book crossover with the DC and Marvel characters, and what are the steps for those crossovers to happen. If you are a fan of the Dark Knight Returns graphic novel Todd confirms that he was an un credit inker on the graphic novel. They go in conversations about the McFarlane’s toys with the his new DC figures. It’s a good behind the scenes comic book story I think fans of the comic book medium will enjoy. It is great interview with Todd McFarlane.

Batforce radio has done many great interviews with many people in the comic book industry, and Todd McFarlane’s interview is a recent classic interview they’ve done. I highly recommend more people to listen to their past videos. Batforce Radio get some great updates from Todd McFarlane’s Spawn movie and many more cool updates in the comic book medium that could still happen. The Spawn film discussion begins at the 14 minute mark if you want to hear his updates about the Spawn film.