Castlevania Season 3 Review

One of the best animated series on Netflix, and best video game animated series in recent memory Castlevana. The animated series returned for a third season after almost two year hiatus from when season two was released back in Fall of 2018. Writer Warren Ellis and Producer/ Show Runner Adi Shakar brings Netflix a third season of their hit series Castlevania. The series continues the adventures of Trevor Belmont, Sphia Belnades, and Adrian Alucard from the 1500 century. This is a Not a Spoiler Review.


The third season has four story arcs taken place. The Trevor and Sphia’s story arc, Alcuard’s story arc, Isaac’s story arc, and Carmilla’s vampire deadly sisters arc. Season three does a great job balancing all four arcs in each episode, because their is only one writer writing with each episode since season one with Warren Ellis writing each of the episodes. The visionary of the animation continues to be fantastic. Espically with the monsters and battle scenes.

We get some of the classic monsters from the video game make an appearances that Castlevania fans will enjoy watching on screen. Lenore who is a new character for the animated series and is one of the Carmilla’s vampire sisters is the stand out from the introduction from the vampire sisters and new characters. I think she is the new fan favorite from the vampires in the series. Other than episode one and two which are the set up for season three. From episode six through the end of season three is when the series starts to fire in all cylinders.


In my opinion the series would’ve worked better with eight episodes instead of the ten episodes because episodes four and five gets very sluggish. As a fan of the series the plot doesn’t go anywhere besides a lot of dialog that leads to know where. I was not a fan of Alucard’s story direction. His story was very boring and my lease favorite of the four arcs taking place in season three. Fans of Alucard from the video games will be very disappointing with his story arc.

Some of the payoffs that lead into the final episodes could’ve paid off in the first five episodes and the next five episodes presenting a new arc for our characters to move forward and connect with one another to pay off. The hardcore violence that the series is well known for is very tone down compared to season one and two. This is not as bloody an as graphic in case audiences are hoping to see that from series.


Caslevania the animated series is still a continuing a success for Netflix with the third season. Do not expect the series to jump a shark in season three. If you are a fan of Trevor Belmont and Sphia you will enjoy their continuing adventures in season three. The introduction of the Carmilla’s Vampire sister will be interesting at least going into season four. Season three is presented like a season one with many main plots that hopefully will pay off in season four.


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