My Thoughts on the New Batmobile

Yesterday afternoon The Batman film director Matt Reeves shared the first three images of the Batmobile from his Twitter account. Those images broke the internet again, with many bat fans forming different opinions of Batman’s new Batmobile. I’m glad Matt Reeves shared these images before they were leaked while filming the Batmobile scene. Matt Reeves does not need to see leak images from his movie that is not finish and is out of context.


Robert Pattinson as Batman with the Batmobile on set of The Batman film. Picture from Matt Reeves

I really love the look of the batmobile, because it looks like a batmobile and not a giant tank like we got from Ben Affleck’s Batman, and Christian Bale’s Batman. This is the first time since Batman Returns that I can say I love the Batmobile. I cannot wait to see it in action with the surprised gadgets and things it can do.

I love that Matt Reeves wanted something that looks like Bruce Wayne put the Batmobile together in away that looks like any person would create instead of coming out with a super hi-tech smart car only a billionaire could afford. Like Kevin Smith said in his tweet this batmobile will throw off the suspicion from Gotham Police to think that Bruce Wayne might be Batman. Which is true base on the look of the Batmobile.

Batmobile comparisons to a 78 Ford Mustang Cobra, Adam West Batmobile 66, and artist Lee Bermejo’s Batmobile from Batman Noel.

The rumors that Batman’s Batmobile will be a muscle car is true. If you look at the comparison from the 78 Ford Mustang Cobra. Obviously the black and red from the back gives you an Adam West Batmobile tone, with a tiny stylish of Lee Bermejo’s Batmobile from his Batman Noel graphic Novel. It’s very clear this batmobile is going to be doing a lot fast and furious car scenes no pun attended.

High rise image from behind the batmobile shares by Matt Reeves Twitter account.

The back of the batmobile appears to shows a high tech gadget kits for the exhausted, so the car can go faster. The exhaust reminds me of the Batmobile from Batman 66 exhausted. I expect this car to blow some fire out when Batman is hitting the gas in the chase scenes.

Artist by Chris Warner, and Ink by Mike DeCarlo from Batman New Adventures issue 408

This batmobile reminds me of a few car batmobiles that Batman was using in the comicbooks back in the 80s. The above image batmobile from the comics in the eighties is similar to Matt Reeves version of the Batmobile. I cannot wait to see the car in action an watch what else it can do.

I would like to mention we get our full small look of Robert Pattinson as Batman beside the Batmobile. Since Batman 89 it is a tradition that the first full imagine of the next actor to play Batman needs to be beside the Batmobile as the first image. His suit looks better with a cape as it should be, and the collar is not noticeable.

Close up of Robert Pattinson as Batman. Photo from Matt Reeves Twitter account.

The Batman film directed by Matt Reeves and stars Robert Pattinson, Zoey Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffery Wright, Colin Farrell, and Andy Serkis will be release in theaters everywhere on Friday June 25th 2021.