The Invisible Man 2020 Movie Review

The Invisible Man is a classic horror film from 1933 by Universal Pictures and is base on the H.G. Wells classic novel The Invisible Man. With many serial of Invisible Man movies since 1933, and reboots. Comes a new modern take of the Invisible Man, that is written and directed by Leigh Whannell. Leigh Whannell is best known from the Saw franchise as the co creator, and writer from the first three movies. He’s also best known as writer an director of the Insidious franchise as well. NO SPOILERS

The film stars Elisabeth Moss, who. Is best known from Hulu’s The Handmaids Tale. She plays Cecilia Kass, who escaped from her abusive and controlling husband or boyfriend Adrian Griffin, who commits suicide two weeks after Ceillie leaves him. Cecilia who is living with her old friend James, however she believes Adrian is not dead, but some how turned invisible and is torturing her for leaving him, and nobody believes her.


What makes this movie a good horror movie is how good the story was written by Leigh Whannell. The story is presented as a psychological horror thriller. The movie gives you some great jump scenes, and surprising twist that works very well within the story. The abusive controlling relationship is a great connecting point to grab audiences attention. Adding a human element that many people can either identify or have witness their friends or family members that have been in abusive relationship.

Elisabeth Moss ‘s performance is a one acting performance show. She does a great job presenting how psychology tortured Cecilia is from her abusive and controlling ex Adrain Griffin. In the first thirty minutes from the movie Elisabeth sells the audience on how mentally damage and tortured Cecilia is.


The biggest problem I had was a twist in act three that felt like a big plot hole from the movie. When audiences see what I am talking about they will be thinking about that moment and how it’s suppose connected after watching a previous scene and figuring out how does it make sense to fit the story that was on high momentum for about an hour and twenty-five minutes when that reveal happens.


The Invisible Man is a fresh modern story of a classic horror film that is almost a masterpiece but has a plot hole that will have people confused when leaving the theater. However the movie does a good job not becoming a predictable horror movie or a remake from 30s Invisible Man film, but it is a horror thriller from beginning to end.


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