Crisis on Infinte Earth Part Four and Five: TV Review

Crisis on Infinte Earth is finally complete, after the final two parts aired last night. I’ll be reviewing the final two parts as a joint review. I rewatched the first three parts over the weekend to refresh myself before the conclusion of the final two parts of Arrowverse main event Crisis on Infinte Earth crossover. There is a lot to taken in, especially from part four. (Minor Spoilers)


I thought Caity Lotz, as Sarah Lance was one of the many great highlights from the final two parts. Audiences will buy her performance as Sarah Lance who is deeply effected by Oliver’s death and seeing him as the Specter and reliving the pain he died a second time saving the multiverse. Watching her leading the remaing heroes into battle against the Anti-Monitor and keeping them together when all is lost. Audiences will view her as the potential leader of this version of the Justice League.

I enjoyed one of the final moments we had with Barry and Oliver. The chemistry or friendship between actors Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell shows alot through their performances as Barry and Oliver. Its why their performances are more believable and genuine when Barry shockinly learning about the deal Oliver made with the Monitor from the Elseworld crossover, while Barry is reliving that moment through Oliver’s past and learning why he made the deal. Part four was a great send off for Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen.

Even though season eight of Arrow is not over yet with two episodes remaining. Part Four from the Arrow series should’ve ended tge series, after this episode. The final two episodes of Arrow season eight will focus on his daughter taking over the mantel of Green Arrow with the Canaries. In a lot of ways episode eight of Arrow is the closing of Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen., and the Arrow series.

Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor in my opinion is the best version of Lex Luthor that I have seen since Michael Rosenbaum performance as Lex Luthor from the Smallville series. I bought him as Lex Luthor, and through his performance audiences should hated him, because Lex Luthor is meant to be hated. Jon Cryer does a fantastic job by making you hate Lex Luthor. I thought LaMonica Garrett as both the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor was great. He was a big threat to bring these heroes together from all different worlds to fight.


The biggest highlight from both parts and moment of the Crisis on Infinte Earth crossover event was Ezra Miller Flash from the movies meeting Grant Gustin’s Flash tv series. This was a huge surprise. With the Flash movie rumored to be in production next spring of 2021 by director Andy Muschietti and script writer by Birds of Prey and Bumblebee movie writer Christina Hodson.

This was a great move by Warner Brothers to allow the movie version Flash to make a small guest appearance on the crossover because it will build the hype for the Flash movie and add an emotional investment with the fans. This moment feels like a passing the touch or baton moment from John Wesley Shipp’s Flash to Grant Gustin’s Flash to Ezra Miller’s Flash receiving the baton from Grant’s Flash and run with it in the future.


Outside of DC Comics cameos, references, and Easter eggs. The final two parts of Crisis on Infinte Earth crossover and as a whole had a difficult time balancing everything from story points to the many characters that appeared. I thought Supergirl played by Melissa Benoist was very weak in the final two parts and as a whole from the crossover event. I think it had more to do with her campy and cringing dialogue, especially with her interactions with Lex Luthor in part four was horrible. Batwoman and Black Lightning was a complete waste. Berlanti and Guggenheim did not know what to do with the two characters.

Besides showing they are in a shared universe moving forward. Batwoman was in action but didn’t serve any purpose in the plot for the final two parts of the crossover. Black Lightning was another waste and it is a disappointment, because the character is in his third season and he’s more watchable then both Supergirl and Batwoman series. There was no point in having Black Lightning in the crossover if he wasn’t going to be a major part of the crossover to begin with. Berlanti decision to go back in forth with J’on Jonzz switching from Martian Manhunter and back to J’on Jonzz was laugable. I don’t understand why they do not use practical effects for the Martian Manhunter.

They purposely had to switch looks to remind audiences that David Hardwood is playing the Martian Manhunter. Everyone who watches their series on the CW knows the cgi doesn’t work well so just use practical effects for the Martian Manhunters look. It work out well for the Anti-Monitor. There was a lot of corny dialoge moments that easily was ripped off from The Avengers End Game, and it’s an eye roll. It was basicly Berlanti and Guggenheim who after watching End Game was like we are going to take that moment and this moment from this movie since they are not that creative to come up with there own ideas. It’s why they failed at Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie and stayed on tv instead.


Part Four and Five: 6/10

Entire Crossover Rate: 7/10

I might be nice about the overall rate for the crossover but if you ignore all of the awesome fan service moments, Easter eggs, references, and cameo appearances from both final parts of Crisis on Infinte Earth. This whole crossover is a giant mess, with some good character moments, but a lot of poor execution and missed opportunities of what could’ve been better for the Arrowverse.