My Thoughts on the Morbius Teaser Trailer

As plan the Morbius “teaser trailer” was released by Sony Pictures yesterday morning. It stars Jared Leto as Michael Morbius who is best known from the Dallas Buyers Club, and his infamous portrayal of the Joker in Suicide Squad. For people who are not familiar with Morbius he is another villain or sometime he’s anti hero from the Spider-Man comicbook mythology. If you want to learn more about Morbius the living Vampire. I would recommend to watch Spider-Man The Animated Series from the 90s. There is a four part episode about Michael Morbius who becomes the Living Vampire and battles The Punisher, Blade and Spider-Man. Michael Morbius I believe is in six different episodes from that series that I highly recommend anyone to watch on Disney Plus. It’s a great starting point for anyone who has interest in the character now that his movie teaser trailer is trending. If you want to see the teaser trailer again check it out below.

My Thoughts

The Morbius movie is a movie nobody was asking for, but Sony Pictures found a convincing way to get casual movie audiences and comic book fans to be interested enough for this movie when it’s out in theaters. For the positive from the teaser trailer I really enjoyed the movie score as its a little blen of Sam Raimi Spider-Man theme score with a horror mix to it. Sony is aware that fans want to see something new and different after the Infinity Saga is over from Marvel Studios.

Sony Pictures is going to capitalize on that by hopefully a successful horror comic book movie that we haven’t seen since the Blade and Del Toro’s Hellboy movie series. In my opinion like Tom Hardys Venom movie Morbius success depends on Jared Letos performance as Morbius and so far this looks to be something special by him base on his performance in the teaser trailer.

He comes off as creepy, and grotesk as Michael Morbius and his transformation we partly see as the living vampire. We did see a tease of his power an the final look of Morbius the living Vampire. While selling movie audiences for Morbius we do see the seeds planted or tease for Spider-Man to be a part of Sony’s Spider-Verse movie series in the near future. We see a PS4 Spider-Man poster of Spider-Man with the Tobey McGuire suit as a nod and Michael Keaton surprise return as Adrain Toomes/ The Vulture from the MCU Marvel Studios universe crossing over to the Sonys Spider-Verse.

That final shot alone is why this teaser trailer is trending all over social media with many people’s belief that Morbius will be in the MCU which is not the case since there’s no Marvel Studios logo presented and the deal to keep Spider-Man fell apart after his third MCU movie. Now what I did not like about the trailer is that this looks like the movie will be putting in tons of back story with a lot of easter eggs instead of focusing on Morbius finding a cure for his rare blood disease and getting him to the point of becoming the living Vampire. I think we won’t see him fully form as the Morbius living Vampire look until act three. I think that will be a huge blow if that’s the case. Fans are tired of origin stories they want to see their comic book characters established instead of origin stories that takes away some of the exciting things the can show in their movie.

I know Matt Smith, and Tyrese Gibson is in the movie but this looks like a one man performance by Jared Leto in a similar way Tom Hardy did for Venom. It’s very clear Sony Pictures is selling this as the studio that brought you the last two Spider-Man movies to get the MCU fans to see Morbius, even tho Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios made the last two Spider-Man movies a success, because Sony Pictures screwed themselves and needed a direction from Kevin Feige to resurrect the Spider-Man franchise a third time, after the disaster Spider-Man Three and Amazing Spider-Man Two movie that Sony Pictures brought fans.

My Final Thoughts

The disappointing thing I found about Sony Pictures selling auidence that they brought you the last two Spider-Man movies is that they thinks audiences are not educated enough to know there’s no Marvel Studios logo presented for the Morbius movie besides “Associate with Marvel Comics,” because that is where the characters are base from. With no Marvel Studios logo that means Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios has nothing to do with this movie as both sides are going into two different directions after Tom Holland completes his third Spider-Man movie for the MCU and crossover in the world building of Sony’s Spider-Verse movie series with Spider-Man four regardless if Morbius and Venom Two are financially successful. The Spider-Man for the Sonys Spider-Verse is Tom Holland not Toby McGuire even though Sony Pictures confuse the hell out of audiences with the Spider-Man poster in Morbius. When you think about that it’s such a Sony Pictures move.

I am rooting for Jared Letos Morbius movie to be a hit and financially successful, and part of me would I like to see Spider-Man in a gritty world that has Jared Letos Morbius with Tom Hardy Venom movie too part of that world. However since this is Sony Pictures who has a history of screwing things up twice with the Spider-Man franchise it’s a matter of time before they destroy the Spider-Man franchise for a third time. They still haven’t let go of their Sinister Six movie idea for Spider-Man after that idea ruin the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies.

Morbius staring Jared Leto, Matt Smith, Andria Arjona, Tyrese Gibson, and featuring Michael Keaton will be out in theaters on July 31st 2020. Hopefully this movie will be watchable at least.


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