My Thoughts: Marvel Studios wants to get their Next series of movies and series Right

With the latest news by Variety’s Brett Lang who reported on Thursday night that Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness now ex director Scott Derrickson has dropped out of directing Marvel Studios third film in the phase four series Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness due to creative differences according to Marvel Studio’s. Scott Derrickson himself announce on twitter as well after the news broke. It is very disappointing to learn he step down. Many rumors have started that it was due to the movie becoming more horror and not just using the some horror elements. If fans remember from Disney’s D23 Scott Deckerson said the movie will be more horror while Kevin Feige replied on the same stage with Scott Deckerson it will still be PG-13 at last years Disney’s D23. Readers can see his tweet below, after the news he will be stepping down from the sequel, but he will be part of executive producer for the movie.

Today another rumor which is old in my opinion is coming out that the Hawkeye series on Disney Plus is delayed according to John Trent from, The report is only a rumor that the Hawkeye series is delayed which was reported first by Sandy Schaefer from Screenrant on October 2019, Sandy reported the Hawkeye series is delayed because of Hailee Steinfeld’s commitment for her TV series on the Apple Streaming services. I hate when rumored news that is reported months ago is recycle again for views. Readers can read her reported article from this link Right now Marvel Studios is set to have Falcon and Winter Soldier series and WanadaVision series are set to be out in Fall of 2020 and Winter 2020 on the Disney Plus. Marvel Studios is in talks with ABC to do another Marvel series according Deadline and Collider. With Agents of Shield ending this year it is no surprise ABC wants to continue to work with Marvel Studios in the future.

My Opinion

It’s very disappointing Scott Derrkson will not be back for the Doctor Strange sequel. I did enjoy the first Doctor Strange movie he directed, but the movie feels like it used a lot of the Iron Man movie origin story elements to make this movie fit with the MCU. I felt like I already saw this movie in Iron Man one. Brett Lang from Variety added in his article that Marvel Studios are already looking for the next director for the sequel and production will start in May 2020. This is not the first time we’ve seen creative conflicts from Marvel Studios and film creators. We’ve seen Patty Jenkins and Edgar Wright leaving Marvel Studios because of creative differences for Ant-Man and Thor the Dark World. I remember Marvel Studio’s change script writers for The Avengers movie from Zak Penn to Director Joss Whedon to rewrite the script using some of the elements from Zak Penn script. We’ve seen Marvel Studios walk away with Ed Norton and recast Bruce Banner with Mark Ruffalo, and Terence Howard walking away and James Rhodes was recast with Don Cheadle. Both are because of money differences. Kevin Feige is very passionate about the Marvel comic book materials that he make sure is used for these movies. He cares about the source materials and is welling to part ways with actors and film creators who do not agree with Marvel Studios vision for these movies. Marvel Studios have been successful with finding the right people to make an present these movies which is why they have been 90% successful since 2008.

I know people out there will think Marvel Studios is in trouble, because of a director leaving due to creative differences. In my opinion that is not true because Kevin Feige has said in many interviews and recently visiting film school seminars. They are always planning a head with plan A to a plan D for the future of the MCU. The creative people who Kevin Feige trust in his circle at Marvel Studios are always brain storming and trying to get the stories and characters right on the big screen an now the small screen. With Shang-Chi and Doctor Strange Multiverse Madness going into production in Spring. I would believe they are already committed to the stories they want to tell, if Scott Derrkison wants out because he can’t have it his way then theres the door. Marvel Studios has been successful by helping directors who need to make a franchise movie add to their resume to make their own thing for the future. I expect Marvel will bring in a TV director who is looking to crossover into the movies like the Russos.

We have Falcon and Winter Solder shooting currently with WandaVision going into production soon. Marvel Studios has plans way ahead in the direction the MCU is going and they always find the right people to get their vision right. I wouldn’t bet against Kevin Feige even though people currently think Marvel Studios are in trouble now that End Game is over which is not true. He has said it in a recent interview Marvel Studios goal is to have four movies come out per a year. In 2021 they will reach their goal by having four MCU movies release that year, and I am sure in 2022 they will have two movies added with Blade and Black Panther Two. If Marvel Studios has to depart ways with film creators and actors to get their future movies and series to present the right storytelling to bridge the direction the future MCU plans to move in post Iron Man, and Steve Rogers era.

They are still in business with Taika Waititi who will probably get Christian Bale to join Thor Love and Thunder. They are still working with James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy vol three, Ryan Cooglar is working on the Black Panther sequel , and I am sure Jon Watts will be back for the third Spider-Man MCU movie due to be out July 2021. Marvel Studios is fine, Kevin Feige has proved his doubter wrong in the past. Kevin Feige and his people at Marvel Studios are working to overcome any challenges that might bring for the next big story for the MCU. Check out a recent video he was in as a guest speaker at NYFA university. Comic book fans and movie fans will get a better idea of how the process in Marvel Studios works with his recent interview interview. Watch below


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