HBO’s Watchmen Season One: TV Review

HBO’s Watchmen series is a true sequel to the original graphic novel, and in a league of its own when compared to other comic book series. The series creator David Lindelof brings the heart from the original graphic novel series with his live action sequel series.


The series takes many of the best elements from the graphic novel on to the series. What makes the series great is that it explores some things from the graphic novel that was never focus on such as the mysterious Hooded Justice and how his back story is the central to the sequel series. The series is well thought out and structure to be a 9 hour sequel series to the book. This series should be getting a lot of emmy anominations and more award-winning recognition. 

Episode six of the Watchmen series is one of the best presenting artsy form on screen for tv in a long time. The writing of the series lives up to The Watchmen graphic novel, and ties everything up or unravel everything in episode 9 with no loose ends. Regina King, Jeremy Irons, Jean Smart, Yahya Abdul-Mateen, and Hong Chau all bring their best performances to HBO’s Watchmen series. In my opinion Jeremy Irons owns the role of Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias. He brings the character straight out of the graphic novel, but gives him a sense of humor that works for series.

Episodes three, six, eight, and nine will feel like the most Watchmen from the series but every episode is important as there’s clues or hints to where the series is going and a lot of big reveals that audiences will be pleased with. I can’t stop talking about the writing from the series, because it’s very well thought out and directed the way David Lindelof wanted the direction of the series to go in.


There is some slow pacing and the final can feel a little rush, but it didn’t hurt the postive momentum and surprising reveals this show brought.


If you are looking for a great show to binge watch after Game of Thrones and during the Holiday break this is a show that people will be talking about. As a fan of Watchmen it’s going to be very difficult to top season one if they do a season two, because how thought out season one was plan. In my opinion Watchmen Sequel series can easily be the best comic book tv series to date.


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