My thoughts: The Black Widow Movie Trailer

Marvel Studios surprise everyone this morning with our first look or full trailer of Scarlett Johansson’s long waited Black Widow solo movie. Check out the trailer below.

My Thoughts

With the many theories the Black Widow movie was going to be an origin story of Natasha becoming Black Widow, and becoming the character we know and care for is incorrect. Instead of an origin story we are getting Black Widow in action sometime after Civil War and before Infinty War movie. Even though the Infinty saga is completed its strange Marvel Studios is going back in that era again. I know Kevin Feige does things for a reason and has a giant track record of going back in certain eras like with Captain America The First Avenger and Captain Marvel paying off to something in the giant crossover movies, even though nothing paid off from Captain Marvel yet.

The highlight from the Black Widow trailer in my opinion is the music score for Black Widow. The score sets the tone in trailer that the movie is energetic and serious. The trailer for the movie has the Captain America The Winter Soldier familar vibe. I believe it is a great thing because The Winter Soldier movie is one of the few Marvel Studio’s movies that is viewed to be serious comic book movie from the MCU. We do see Jeremy Renner will be returning as Hawkeye so we might see or hear more details about the Budapest incident that was mention in The Avengers movie.

We get our first look at Taskmaster who is the main villain in the movie which in my opinion is kind of meh at the moment because we don’t know much about his motivation and his connection to Natasha. We get or first look at Red Gaurdian played by David Harbour from Stranger Things. It looks like he will be the comedic relief in the movie. We also meet Yelena Belova who is the second Black Widow from Marvel Comics. She is played by Florence Pugh. Her character has a sister relationship with Natasha.

In the trailer we see the three characters with Rachel Weisz who is playing Melina Vodtokoff who is the rumor main villain and the first Black Widow in the MCU. It appears this will be about a family of spys getting back together for one final mission. Base on what I see in the trailer.There’s going to be tons of action scenes with Scarlett Johansson kicking a lot of asses. I am not a fan of the all white suit she will be wearing because it doesnt blend well on screen and it looks too much like the White Canary suit from the Arrowverese, with a little bit of storm trooper look.

With Natasha story conclude in Avengers End Game, in my opinion the timing is too late for a Black Widow movie as most people are done investing the Infinty saga that is fully completed after 23 movies. I think this movie will set up Yelena Belova becoming the new Black Widow moving forward in the future of the MCU. I’m sure other elements will tie into the next Avenger crossover by the end of Phase four. I think if they revive Black Widow in the after credits of her movie I think it will diminish End Game and a giant cop out for not staying to their decisions.

I am going to see this movie but I am hoping Marvel Studios does not revive Scarlett Johansson Black Widow as it will hurt everything they set up in Avengers End Game. Overall Black Widow solo movie will be heavy action and a spy thriller similar to Captain America The Winter Soldier movie. Black Widow will be release every where May 1st 2020.


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