Harley Quinn TV Pilot: Review

The new Harley Quinn animated series staring Kaley Cuoco as the voice of Harley Quinn with Alan Tudyk as Joker, Lake Bell as Posion Ivy and Diedrich Bader returns to voice Batman. The series debut today on the DC Universe app. This is a animated series that has no restrictions no filters, and is balls to the wall hilarious. (Minor Spoilers)


The best highlight from the pilot episode is the focus on the emotional and physical abuse of Harley Quinn and Joker’ s on again off again toxic relationship. The story is about Harley who is learning that she is allowing herself to go thro when she’s with Joker and how she slowly seez she needs to break free from that relationship and become her own person without the Joker. To help Harley she had her best friend Posion Ivy by her side to help her see that.

I really enjoyed the characters psychological the series presents between Harley and Joker. This is the best version of the two characters I have watched since Batman New Adventures animated series. The sarcasm, the witty remakes, and many of the WTF moments works for this version of a Harley Quinn animated series. I feel like the people from this series took a little bit of Rick and Morty comedy and executed extremely well for their series.

The standout from the pilot episode is Alan Tudyk’ s Joker and Jim Rash who voices The Riddler. Anytime they get a scene of dialogue they will make you laugh your ass off. We do get some nods to Jack Nicholson Joker and Batman Forever which Batman fans will see right away. Dietrich Bader voicing Batman again was a smart choice to present this kind of series.


I wasn’t a fan this version of Jim Gordon in Harley Quinn animated series. Jim was purposely present as a looney tune like character who is a giant mess and is going insane himself. Which makes you wonder how he’s still commissioner of GCPD. There was a lot of over the top gore moments in the animated series that the series didn’t need every two minutes. I don’t mind gore violence but there needs to be a balance.

OVERALL: 8.5/10

If you ever wanted an adult only Batman the animated series that has no filters or restrictions. The Harley Quinn animated series staring Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Andy Tudyk, and Dietrich Bader. This is a series you will love.


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