Joker Movie: Review

The Joker Movie is finally released early on Thursday evening east cost time. I’ve been waiting to see this movie when it was in development going back since fall of 2017. The Joker movie staring Joaquin Phoenix is going to be a one of kind comic book movie that audience will be talking about for a long time. (No Spoilers)


This is a one man show of Joaquin Phoenix showing just how great of an actor he is. He dives right into his character as Arthur Fleck and disappears in the role. Joaquin Phoenix present the most frightening and disturb Joker we have seen on the big screen. Todd Phillips did a fantastic job presenting what he had vision for a Joker movie perfectly the way he wanted it. The twist and action scenes are executed perfectly when they hit each scene.

I enjoyed watching Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, and the entire supporting cast who appeared in the movie. With the small amount of screen time they have, they are able give their A+ performance when they are sharing scenes with Joaquin Phoenix. This is probably the most realistic version of Joker we will ever see in any medium platform.

I really love the retro of the late 70’s or 80’s dark, and gretty look on Gotham City look. Where ever Arthur Flack takes us we see just how bad and corrupt the people in this version of Gotham City is. The color tone in the movie works extremely well. Todd Phillips does a great job channeling Taxi, and Kings of Comedy tones for his Joker movie. The cinematic score in this movie is very good, and has a Dark Knight vibe to it.


If you’re thinking you will be seeing a Batman or connections in the DCEU you will not see any of that. This is a one off movie and thats it. The first 40 minutes of the movie will make that clear. This is a very different take on the iconic villain and it might not be for everyone to see in their comic book movies.

OVERALL: 10/10

Joker is deffently one of the best movies of this year. Joker is easily one of the best character study and psychological thriller movie we have seen yet. Todd Phillips easily change the bar again in terms of what we would like to see with future comic book movies. Warner Brothers had a lot of courage for taking a huge risk with this movie, because of how different this is from any comic book movies.

Heath Ledger is still the best Joker IMO, however Joaquin Phoenix plays a more terrifying, and disturbed Joker that audience have not seen before. If movie audiences are looking for something new and unique from comic book movies or movies in general Todd Phillips Joker is the right movie to watch. This movie will have people talking after watching it for the first time.


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