DC’s Young Justice S3: Review

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I was finally able to finish up the second part of Young Justice season 3, or known as Young Justice: Outsiders this week. (Minor Spoilers) Even though the first part of Young Justice: Outsiders was fantastic, because of how quickly it was going in terms of story, and how action packed it was. I found the second part to be sluggish to get through.


The first 13 episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders lived up to everything we wanted in the season 3 of Young Justice. We see all our favorite characters from Dick Grayson, Kaldur, Connor, Artemis, and M’gann evolving in terms of character since Season 1. They all of grown to become leaders and mentors like the predecessors. In my opinion Connor Kent is the most evolved character since we’ve met him in Young Justice Season 1. When we first met him he was hot headed and impatient, and by the end of season 3 he’s patient, he’s mentoring other characters like himself and he has build great relationships with the people around him who love and care about him. Connor Kent/Superboy who’s voice by Nolan North is the biggest standout of this season, and one of the biggest reason why us fans love Young Justice series.

The standout episodes in the second part of Young Justice Season 3 is episodes 22 to Episode 26 of Young Justice Season 3, because the plot is moves a long perfectly like the first part of this season. We get a lot of actions, twist, great villain moments, and a great Barbara Gordon/Oracle moments or steals in episode 21 with her and Beastboy and Batman himself. The Barbara Gordon we know from the pre New 52 and Rebirth is fleshed out in this season. She is the Oracle of everything like she once was before 2011. In episodes 23 and 25 audiences will have a great flashback moment from Walley West/Kid Flash, and “Overwhelm” moment with Artemis and Walley saying their final good byes. The Walley West moments through out season 3 shows what Walley West means or impacts he had on his friends and how matured they have come since season 2. Fans will feel the same as the original team feels anytime Walley is mention.

The second standout in my opinion was Kaldur now the new Aquaman. Watching him fleshed out as one of the leaders of The Justice League team is a huge character evolvement from when last seen him season 2. It made perfect since for him to take on the Aquaman mantel while Arthur Curry embraces his role as King in Atlantis.

I am a big Static Shock fan and a fan of the Milestone characters. I am happy we see more Static Shock in action with Beast Boy’s Outsiders the second part. I enjoyed the cameos of Hardware, Icon, and Rocket who made appearances through this season, and hopefully they continue to be part of the series in season 4. We get a little nice Batman or Batgod moment towards the end of the series, with out strategist Lex. I enjoyed the new character Violet in the last 5 episodes because her story was moving a long better compared to episodes 14 to 21. As a long time Nightwing fan I’ve always enjoyed the Dick Grayson character and how Young Justice displays how important he is in DCU.


Episodes 14 to 21 are the lowest points in Young Justice series in my opinion, because the show tries to do put to much in 23 minutes, and a lot of the character focus filler episodes that are about the Geo-Force, Violet and Cyborg. I love Cyborg but in the past 3 years we have seen to much of Cyborg origins being retold to many times. We seen his origin in Justice League the movie, Doom Patrol series and now in Young Justice. I know they are trying to bring in Cyborg into the show and fit him in with the team Outsiders while going in depth with Violet and Geo-Force relationship. Plus trying to add more of Black Lightning, and other side characters that do not payoff to anything, but given a character update.

The show leaves a lot of unanswered questions after episode 26. That do not pay off to anything. I wasn’t a fan of how Lex was acting more like Donald Trump towards the end and other political issues that are force into the show to please one group of audiences. Fans like myself watches these shows to escape reality and not be reminded of it. In one of the episode I believe is 16, we learn Batman In cooperate or his Outsiders with Nightwing have been working off the grid and have been trying to one up Lex Luther, by using Beast Boy’s Outsiders. It was a revealing moment in the last minute of the episode. I would’ve loved if the show focus on their missions in the second part of season 3. Their missions that are not on screen ties into the main story in episode 22. I was disappointed we did not see the return of Walley West as it was teased and thrown in our faces through out season 3.


Young Justice: Outsiders had a great first half but a very sluggish and boring second half that did not become good again until episode 22 . Adding politcial elements that is taken place today also hurts the show from doing things that are more natural and does not feel force. However Young Justice is rated for matured audiences and still keeps it’s balance with 18 episodes out of 26 episodes DC released. DC already announce a Season 4 of Young Justice that is coming out to their DC streaming service. Hopefully they will answered some of the unanswered questions that was left with season 3. Season 3 does tease of what they will be fleshing out at the end of Season 3 finalie, and no it’s not Walley West.


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