MY Opinion: Disney&Sony Rumor

Sometime Thursday night into Friday morning rumors was swirling about a possible deal getting done by Disney and Sony to bring back Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The rumor started from Cosmic Comic News. Who are known not to be very accurate in the past. For what people may not know who did not read the article from Cosmic Comic . The website sited the rumor surface from a you tube channel called Lord of the Long Box, who they gave credit for starting the rumor.

MY OPINION: Disney offer rumor to Sony about Spider-Man.

The rumor deal that Lord of the Long Box is “claiming” to have inside information that Disney is offering a 6 for 7 picture deal for Spider-Man to remain in the MCU. 3 of the 6 movies will be sequel trilogy to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in his college years, with 2 of the 6 movies being a central part in the Avengers films. The 7th picture deal is an option deal if Sony wants to pick up after the 6th picture is completed. He goes on to say that Marvel Studios or Kevin Feige is hoping to do a live action Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends movie base on the animated series from the 80’s that featured Bobby Ice Man Drake, and either Firestar/ Angelica Jones from the animated series or Johnny Storm/Human Torch from the Fantastic Four. Readers can watch his video below to hear more about what he claims is happening between Disney and Sony.

If you go on his channel he gives an update that Disney new offer was 30/70 and their next offer was 25/75 that Sony both decline. Again he claims to have inside information, and the updated offer he is saying is what most people would think the new offer would be from Disney or a counter offer by Sony. Even though nobody has ever heard of his channel until now. I would be very cautious about believing what he is saying, or any unknown site will claim to have news, as it will be sites looking for more view hits and subscriptions on to channels or sites.


If a deal would be stuck between Disney and Sony it will be announce at D23 or proper protocols would be reached out to Deadline,, or whom are legit with their information when they release it on social media. I want to see Spider-Man to stay in the MCU because Disney has better storied structure, and Kevin Feige who is a big comic book fan cares about the Marvel characters, and wants to put heart into their movie.

What bugs me about this whole story and I blame Sony not Disney for this to happen, because Sony did not give Disney a counter offer. Which tells me Sony believes they can continue their success with Spider-Man without the help of Disney after Disney rejuvenated the Spider-Man franchise movie. Disney and Sony are both money hungry cooperates but the fact that Sony can’t find away to handle this better and to make an agreement with Disney hurts them more. Disney is already showing they will be fine with all of the announcements at D23 that is currently happening.

I believe both companies need to make a deal because the backlash will hurt both sides, especially us the fans who are the ones who have lost. Sony is already getting the backlash more, because they have a reputation of not telling character driven stories. The three best examples of not telling good character driven stories is from Spider-Man 3, Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Venom. Sony wants to sell more merchandise and will throw a lot of characters in one movie to make money from their merchandise side like toys and clothes. Disney does get some backlash too for being viewed as money hungry, however I believe Disney was the ones who leaked the news, because this week ileadinto D23 and they want more attention at their convention, and it is a negotiating tactic by Disney as we are seeing Sony’s stock getting dropped every day since the announcement of their break up.

There’s still plenty time for Disney and Sony to come to a deal. Who knows if that will ever happen because of the mess the announcement created. I know deadline reported that Sony wants to do two movies with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, but he is on recording that he has one picture deal left in his contract from the Disney/Sony deal when he was cast as Spider-Man/ Peter Parker. Here is the link below.


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