My Opinion: What to Expect from Titans Season 2

Last week we got our first official look at Titans Season two, with a 55 second teaser. Titans is one of my most anticipated series of this year, because I’m a DC fan and the way season one ended. There has been a lot of characters confirm for season two other than Superboy, the Conner Kent version that was tease at the end of season one. Deathstroke, Jericho, Ravenger/ Rose Wilson, Aqualad/Garth, and Bruce Wayne are confirmed to be featured in season two when it was announced in early Spring of this year, and in the teaser trailer confirm they will be in season 2.

First the good news is DC released a teaser trailer, that everyone really likes. So much is shown under 55 seconds, that build a lot of excitement for DC and fans of the Young Justice series. Titans has been the most watch new series from the DC Universe app since it was launch last September.

Expectations are becoming high for the series again. In my opinion I would lower those expectations going into season two because the series did struggle finding its tone and voice in the early episodes of season one. Plus season one was originally slated for a 13 episodes, but was cut to 11 because of the change in story direction, and over thinking which hurt the show.

There is no offical confirmation if season two will either be a 13 or 10 episode season. With a lot of new characters making appearances and the ones introduced in last season becoming part of the main cast like Jason Todd, and Donna Troy I would hope Season 2 will be a 13 episode season. That way there’s enough focus and fleshing out the world of Titans in this version of the DC Universe.

What to Expect from S2

I expect season two will focus more on Beast Boy, Starfire, and Superboy this season. A lot of the centeral focus from season one was focus on Dick and Raven. We didn’t get much of Beast Boy and Starfire until the closing of season one. This season I believe we will see more of the Starfire fleshed out that fans all know and love. I expect we might be seeing Starfire’s sister Blackfire making an appearance and maybe minor characters from Tamaranean to go after Starfire for failing her mission to kill Raven. I believe more of the space or science fiction will be fleshing out season 2.

It’s been very quiet about what role Beast Boy will have in this season, but I think his focus will be trying to learn how to use and control his powers in some ways that Raven will finally learn how to control her powers in the early episodes in season 2, because it’s revealed she stop Trigon very early in season 2. As we see the red stone in her for head that jails Trigon in the teaser.

I think the biggest question is what version of Connor Kent we will see in Season two. Will Connor be the hot headed impatient Superboy from Young Justice or will he be closer to his counterpart comic book version of the character in Geoff Johns Teen Titans and Superboy comic book runs. I do expect we will get a surprise Lex Luther appearance in season two, because Superboy has Superman and Lex Luther cells in him. It was rumored in season one that Lex Luther would make a surprise cameo or guest appearance. With Bruce Wayne played by Ian Glenn making a guest appearance nothing is off limits in terms of what characters can appear on the Titans series.

From Robin to Nightwing

I expect we will see Dick Grayson finally become Nightwing and making aminds with Bruce Wayne as it was teased in the trailer. I believe after what Trigon showd Dick of what can happen to Batman if there riff continues. Dick wants to rebuild his relationship with Bruce because that’s his family. Seeing an alternate reality and the monster Batman because without the light or humanity from Dick Grayson brings to Batman. He could fall off the deep end. I think biggest question is when do we see Nightwing in action and doing the things we want to finally see in the show.

What Stories will inspire Season 2?

I believe Dick Grayson becoming Nightwing moment will be inspired by the Judas Contract story from Wolfeman and Perez. My theory is the team gets captured by Deathstroke with Dick being the only one left to save them. He gets the help of Jericho who Dick meets in that story who helps saves the team. If that’s how Nightwing is introduced do not expect to see Nightwing in action until the later episodes from season 2. I expect Geoff John’s Teen Titans stories to be the basis for Superboy’s focus story and origins in season 2.

I expect this version of Deathstroke to be closer to the Wolfeman and Perez version from their New Teen Titans series. Their version will be mixed with Geoff Johns Ravenger character in his 2003 Teen Titans run. Expect the flashback episode of Robin Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Hawk and Dove to be inspired by the original Teen Tians 60s comic book series.

S2 Theories of Main Story (Possible Spoilers)

My theory is after Trigon is defeated and the world is saved in the first two episodes. The general public believes the Titans are back thanks to witnesses to see Jason’s Robin, Wonder Girl, (maybe Superboy) Hawk and Dove in action fighting Trigons minions and rescuing civilians. My theory is we learned from the flashback episode that the original team disbanded, because Deathstroke kills Garth/Aqualad in a final battle with the original team of OG Robin, Wonder Girl, Hawk and Dove.

The team disbands because they feel responsible for Aqualads death. With new additions to the team of Raven, Beast Boy, Superboy, Jason Todd, and Starfire. The original team is confident to bring back the Titans again. With Deathstroke catching wind the Titans are back thanks to Jason’s big mouth on the TV. I expect him to go after the Titans again after he thought he broke the original teams spirit by killing one of their own.

I believe the subplot stories will heavily focus on Starfire battling her home world for failing her mission and turning against them. The other focus is Superboy trying to find his place in the world and who he is supposed to be.

Cameos and other Guest Appearances

Titans Season Two is quietly under wraps in terms of what other characters are set to appear. I do expect more references to Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League. There s no offical word if Cyborg from Doom Patrol will make a guest appearance or a Stargirl appearance episode to help introduced her to audience, since she is not a popular character and is C list character viewed by many comic book fans. We will see Bruce Wayne but that doesnt mean we will see Batman in action. There is a rumor that Blackfire will be featured this season to battle Starfire. Blackfire is the sister to Starfire from the comic books. Other then that there isn’t much report on what other well known Teen Titans characters hero or villain to make their debut.

There was strong rumors that Lex Luthor could appear in season one it’s possible he could appear in season two, because of Superboy, but I expect a lot of small time villains from the comic books series and DCU to make their debut. With a lot of big characters already confirm for season two to appear don’t expect anyone else bigger to appear.


Titans Season Two looks to be a promising season with tons of your favorite DC characters getting their due in live action. I am crossing my fingers that Akiva Goldsman, Greg Berlanti, and Geoff Johns has a clear direction and tone of what Titans is supposed to be for the audience. Hopefully there’s no over thinking this time and they learn from their previous mistakes from season one. DC Universe app has done a fantastic job with Doom Patrol, Young Justice, and Swamp Thing series, let’s hope they continue that positive trend with season two of Titans. I thought Season one was solid but lost of missed opportunities but I am hoping Season two goes all out and makes it better.


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