2019 Marvel Comic Con: Recap

Lots of news came out of San Diego Comic-Con 2019 for Marvel. Marvel is the clear winner in 2019 for creating the biggest buzz out of Hall H when making their announcements on Saturday night east cost time. Kevin Feige continues to surprise many comic book fans with the direction of phase 4.

Just when fans think we know what next Kevin Feige throws a curve ball at fans in a great way that know body could’ve predicted. I would like to mention we did get other Marvel news from the TV department and Marvel Comic Books.

TV Department

It was announced at the Con that Agents of Shields will be over after Season 7. The show has become a big hit with Marvel fans especially it’s tie-in to the MCU. With Disney Plus around the corner it’s not surprising Disney is ending the show. Hopefully it ends on a great note. The next news to come out of TV was the season 3 of Spider-Man called Spider-Man: Maximum Venom.

Marvels TV announce with in season 3 of Spider-Man there will be a 5 part story of the Superior Spider-Man base on Dan Slot Spider-Man story. The new Spider-Man animated series in my opinion is very under rated and it’s a good watch for Spider-Man fans.

Comic Books

Marvel announced 6 new X-Men titles after their two X-Men events called House of X, and Powers of X both written by Jonathan Hickman who plans to have a new status quo in the X-Men future stories. The new X-Men titles will be release with shinny number 1s on October 2019. The titles are X-Men, X-Force, New Mutants, Marouder, Excalibur, and Fallen Angels.

If you’re a fan of the X-Men and looking to read their comic books. I would wait until October for the new titles release, because this will be a good starting point to read the X-Men comic books. Marvel Comics also announced a new Ghost Rider series, and Marvel Zombis: Respawn.


The most anticipation of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019 is Marvel Studios Hall H presentation of the Phase 4 announcements. They did not disappoint and made a ton of surprises during their presentation. The big news out of the first part of the Phase 4 announcements was the announcement of a new Blade movie that will be by Marvel Studios. The new Blade will be staring Mahershala Ali as Blade. The excitement for the new Blade movie and casting was a giant shock wave around the world.

However the new Blade movie will not be a part of the MCU. Which I’m sure dissapoited some people, but I was ok with it since Blade was always his own thing even in the Comic books. I would say never say never because this could be the start of introducing the Horror side of the MCU. The new Blade movie does not have a release date yet, but when Marvel Studios announced something at Comic-Con with a offical casting also means they have a director attach to the movie. I expect Blade to come out in February of 2022 since that’s a good place for the horror genre movies in the past, and for Marvel Studios.

Kevin Feige announce that Sinnu Liu is cast to play Shang Chi in his first movie in February 12, 2021. The biggest surprise from the news is will be seeing Iron Man’s arch nemesis the Mandarin from the Comic Books will make his real debut, after the dissapoiting Iron Man 3 had a fake Mandarin. The villain will be played by Tony Leung. Imo this was the second big surprise out of Phase 4 announcements. Shang Chi is not well known outside of hardcore Marvel comic book fans. With the credibility of Marvel Studios people will know who Shang Chi once his movie drops in 2021.

We recieve a few surprises as Natalie Portman will be returning to the MCU in Thor:Love and Thunder, but not only as Jane Foster but will debut as Lady Thor. We will also see the return of Monica Rambeau who we first met as a child in Captain Marvel movie will now see her as in adult in the Wandavision series. She will be played by Teyonah Parris and is the 2nd Captain Marvel in the Comic books. Expect Wandavision to be release in Fall of 2020 on Disney Plus and Thor4 in November of 2021.

We get our first concept look from The Black Widow movie set to be release in May 1st 2020. The Black Widow movie is the first of the next phase 4 movies of the MCU. The story is still under wraps because of what happen to Black Widow in End Game. The main villain will be Taskmaster, and Red Gaurdian is played by David Harbour from Stranger Things in a supporting role, and has history with Natasha.

We get our first look of the Celestials from the Eternals movie that’s set to come out in November 6th 2020. The comic book and mythology of the Eternals not wellknown to the general public. They are created by one of comic books GOAT Jack Kirby. The Eternal is very similar to Jack Kirby’s New Gods, that he created in DC Comics. What’s attracted to the movie version on Eternals is set to have a star cast. Staring Angelina Jolie as Thena, Richard Madden as Ikaris, Salma Hayek, Kumail Nanjiani, Don Lee, Brian Tyree Henry from (Child’s Play remake), and Lauren Ridloff from (The Walking Dead). The cast it self will attract audiences to see the Eternals movie.

Marvels Disney Plus

Phase 4 will also continue in the Marvel t.v. mini series that will be release in the Fall of 2020 beginning with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and Wandavision. The Disney Plus series will tie into the movies and the 2nd part of Phase 4. Anthony Mackie with Sebastian Stan already spoke about the upcoming series. You can watch the interview below with MTV news.

I’m happy to hear Marvel Studios will be taking their time with the MCU tie-in shows, and will be spreading them out on Disney Plus from 2020 through 2021.

The sequel to Doctor Strange was announced and Elizabeth Olsen/ Scarlett Witch will be part of the cast and co star for the sequel with returns of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange and Benedict Wong as Wong. The sequel will tie to Wandavision.

MCU Development and Sequel Announcements

Kevin Feige announce the sequels for Captain Marvel and Black Panther. He said at the panel we will see a very different Avengers team in the future with the 1st part of Phase 4 planting big story seeds for the next big crossover saga. Kevin Feige announce The Fantastic Four and X-Men movies have started movies development now that the Disney and Fox deal is fully completed. Here’s a. Small clip of Kevin Feige talking about Fantastic Four with Variety below.

No Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol 3?

James Gunn announced on Twitter that same night to his fans because there wasnt a Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol 3 announcement. James Gunn said he is focusing on The Suicide Squad for Warner Brothers and will focus on Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol 3 after. Here’s the link below

OVERALL: Marvel Wins!!!

With every announcement from Marvel Studios another big one is The Avengers: End Game is the highest grossing film ever made knocking out James Cameron’s Avatar. Marvel has won the Comic Con in 2019 and they deserve it. They have the most biggest news coming out of Comic Con and continue to trend on Social media. Can’t wait for Phase 4 and beyond. As long as Kevin Feige is in charge Marvel will win in the box office and the audiences.


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