Batman vs TMNT: Review

A few days ago the crossover nobody seen coming to animation. Batman vs TMNT was released on Tuesday on digital. The story is inspired by the comic book crossover series, written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Freddie Williams II. (NO SPOILERS)


If you are a long time Batman and TMNT fan. This animated movie will easily be one of your favorite DC and TMNT animated adaptation of all time. The TMNT in the animated movie are more close to the 2000s animated TMNT series counterpart, and the current comic book series from IDW. I was happy that all four Turtles all have different faces or looks instead knowing them by the color of their domino masks.

Troy Baker returns as the voice of Batman and the Joker. With fan favorite Tara Strong reprise her voice role as Harley Quinn for the animated movie. I love the look and tone for the animated movie.

I love how Shredder is presented in the animated movie. He’s a true villain not just with the turtles but also Batman. All of the story takes place and Gotham. We get the narrative of Gotham from the Turtles as they view the city as bonkers compared to New York City. There’s a lot of action and fan services that fans of both will adored.


Beaware to parents who want to show their 4 year olds. This is a PG13 tone animated movie. There will be heavy and dark violence in the animated movie that is not fit for kids under 5 years old to watch.


This is a 90 minutes action pack fun animated movie. If you love Batman and TMNT this will be one of your favorite comic book animated movies of all time. I enjoyed every minute of the movie. I highly recommend audience to watch after the after credit scene.


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