Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5: Review

Sunday night’s episode 5, title The Bells, or I call it the battle of Kings Landing was amazingly epic, and will feel controversial to audiences. The emotional roller coaster from this episode is more impactful than the Battle of Winterfell from episode 3 of this season. Episode 5 of season 8 on Game Thrones is up there as one of the most crazies episodes in the show history. (MINOR SPOILERS)


There’s a lot of things from this episode I really enjoyed. The highlights for me is Tyrion’s and Jamie’s scene together that is naturally built up over the passed seasons paying off with the brothers having a heart to heart moment that feels sad but real at heart. I enjoyed the conversation with the Hound and Arya in Kings Landing. Hound has never cared about anyone but himself and he turn a new leaf by giving Arya important advice about revenge that changes her narrative from this episode.Daenerys puting a trail on Tyrion, Vers, and Jon Snow was important and a reminder to who has power.

It’s important scene to see the aftermath of what triggered Daenerys into becoming the villain after she lost her support team of Jorah and Mersendai in the previous two episodes, because the choices she makes in the battle of Kings Landing. It will change how fans see Daenerys with what she does in Kings Landing will be a gut punch for fans who loved the character.Jon Snow who has always seen things black and white as a good solider is now in a situation of seeing things gray, with the direction Daenerys goes in with her fight against Cersi in Kings Landing. We get a big pay off fight that fans have been waiting to see from the Hound fighting his big brother the Mountain. It’s everything we hoped for and more.

Episode 5 is real reminder for fans do not get attached to your favorite characters on a show called Game of Thrones, because there is no happy endings for your beloved character.


We see things that are suppose to be great payoffs and built ups moments with our characters. With just 6 episodes presented for season 8. I found it tough for this to be a strong payoff, because of the fast paced and poor execution for a very short season 8 to present for a great show like Game of Thrones. I understand the 90 minutes per an episode from 3 to 6, but it would’ve been better if season 8 had 8 episodes to help the moments to be build correctly like in early seasons.

Many people I think will be disappointed with the conclusion to a few important characters that do not feel like a satisfied conclusion to their stories. Im still trying to figure out how are there still a lot of Dothraki warriors left after the battle of Winterfell shows most of them died which bugged me a lot about this episode.

OVERALL 8.5/10

Episode 5 of season 8 of Game of Thrones I believe to be the most heavy action packed episode of this season. This episode shows the terror with a lot of death which I was expecting to see from this episode. Audiences will either love or hate this episode with the choices made for our favorite characters. I loved every second of this episode because in my opinion Game of Thrones does not have a happy conclusion and a reminder to fans not to be attached to your favorite characters ever as we seen with Ned Stark in Season 1. One more episode left let’s hope the series ends on a great note!


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