The Tick Season Two: Review

For those who are not aware, the Tick season two was released on April 5th on Amazon Prime. Whats different compared to the first season is that, all ten episode are release the same day. Which is great news since the complain about season one is how only the first half was dropped in 2017 and the second half of season one was release six to eight months later in 2018. Is season two of the Tick the show we all wanted to see for the Tick? (NO SPOILERS)


What stands out in season two from the Tick series is the world of the Tick series is fleshed out in the second season. The people behind the series, does a fantastic job finding the right tone or voice for the series it self. What I enjoyed about season two is the writing is structured a lot better. The writers knows what story they are telling for season two and keeps the pace moving through out season two. The tone for season two is much lighter just like the look for the Tick in season two. It works a lot better as the Tick is a lighter superhero in this series and comic books. The writers does a great job building the world of the Tick, and characters like Dot, Ms Lint, Overkill, Author, Walter, and even Dangerboat all evolved as characters and are executed very well.

Season two fleshes out more superheros in the world of Tick. We are introduce to a lot of new characters, like Sage, Flexon and Bronze Star who are fun and they all introduce something different, compared to season one. Sage who is like the Doctor Strange of this world, and Flexon being stretch Armstrong. Both of these characters get a bigger role later in season two and they are very likable characters. The sense of humor works very well in season two. Season Two is still centrally focus on the Tick played by Peter Serafinowicz, and Arthur played by Griffin Newman who goes right to work as superheros, after season one. I’ve enjoyed Peter’s take on The Tick who still has the Adam West Batman vibe with his dialog. with Arthur who in my is the protagonist of this Tick series. However both actors continues to display great chemistry when they are on the screen together. Author’s experiences from Season one takes him to some new challenges, that makes him unknowingly ready,and accepted his place as superhero with the Tick.

The Tick is still the Tick we all loved, and is ready for action and saving people. In this season Tick deals with some gray areas, of what good people or superheros need to do when they are protecting someone or something they are trying to protect. Tick looks a trillion times better than he did in season one. He looks more tradition Tick with a lighter blue. Season two deals with characters who are bad appeared to be good, and good appearing as bad.


If you are a long time fan of characters such as Captain Liberty and Batmanuel from the comic book series, animated series, or the first live action series. They will not appear in season two. Which is one of the things I was hoping season two would introduced, but not in this season.


If you walked away feeling mixed about the Tick series after season one. I would strongly recommend to give it one more shot with season two. Season two presents stronger character development with our main characters. There’s a lot of new characters and surprises. The Tick season two sets the tone and the story it is trying to tell for season two. All ten episodes are out on Amazon Prime and is 22 minutes long. Highly recommend to beinge watch, if you are looking for something new to watch.


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